Honda 50cc Dirt Bike – CRF50F Complete Review [2023]

Reliable and tough as nails, yet not intimidating — best describes the Honda CRF50F. Many young dirt riders and their parents will agree after they’ve experienced the Honda 50cc dirt bike.

For the year 2023, Honda CRF50F added a new color scheme in addition to its classic red. The white color with a touch of pink and purple graphics design. The 2023 model has a 50cc engine and 6 inches ground clearance, compared to 49cc and 5 inches ground clearance in the previous model.

CRF50F is Honda’s oldest off-road bike model. It’s essentially the old XR50 dressed in modern graphics and plastics. But even if it has remained the same under its plastics, this Honda 50cc is as dependable a dirt bike as ever. 

The 2023 CRF50F sells for $1,699 (USD) brand new. This Honda 50cc dirt bike is designed for young riders who are just getting their feet wet. The ideal ages for starting are 5 to 7 years old.

It’s a great learner bike that a child won’t outgrow quickly. And it’s also not uncommon to have kids as old as 12 still riding this bike. It has a low seat height (21.6 inches) and a smooth 4-stroke engine.

At its fastest, CRF50F tops out at 35 miles per hour. But the bike has several features that allow your kid to start out slow.

Over 40 years have passed, and it remains one of the most popular beginner dirt bikes. It battles for the top spot with Yamaha’s PW50 and TTR50 models as well as Suzuki DRZ50.

In this review, you’ll find out why the CRF50 is still a strong contender in 2023 when choosing a 50cc dirtbike.

Top Features of Honda 50cc Dirt Bike

Kid standing beside the Honda CRF50 with trees and mountain at the back.

A Honda 50cc trail bike for beginner youth has 3 gears. So it shines when you want your kid to have a strong and safe foundation in dirt riding.

There are five key features in the CRF50 that help with this foundation:

  • Throttle Limiter
  • Keyed ignition
  • Kick starter
  • 3-speed transmission with automatic clutch
  • Control placement

Throttle Limiter on Honda Kids Dirt Bike

It’s natural to worry about your kid’s safety. The adjustable throttle limiter makes going too fast a lesser issue. Turn the limiter screw, and you lower the bike’s top speed to something you’re more comfortable with. Ease it out again as your kid gets better. By then they’ve learned how to properly control the bike.

Keyed Ignition

The keyed ignition is another safety feature built into this Honda kids dirt bike. It stops your child from riding unsupervised. You keep the key, so it’s you who decides when they can ride.

Kick Starter

Up until recently, Kickstarters were a fact of life on a dirt bike. Nowadays, more and more bikes come with an electric start straight from the factory. But knowing how to kick start an engine is still a valuable skill for your kid to learn.

The kick start also adds another layer of safety as your child learns how to ride dirt bikes. Beginners struggle with kick starts, which means they’ll ask permission first if they want to ride.

Transmission on Honda 50 cc Dirtbike

Image of Honda CRF50F dirt bike on a stand in the ground.

Changing gears smoothly is another critical skill. It can get a bit challenging to master. Being a kid’s dirt bike is designed to make learning it less difficult. This 50 cc dirt bike has a 3-speed manual transmission with an automatic clutch. This means that the bike won’t stall and then pitch forward if your child struggles with shifting.

Controls Placement

A final key feature on this Honda trail 50 is that the controls are where you would find them on larger dirt bikes. There’s a brake pedal for the rear brake on the right side of the bike. There’s a shifter pedal on the left side. And there’s a right-hand lever in front of the throttle that controls the front brake.

Combined with the bike’s attractive pricing, these five main features are why the Honda CRF50F is a solid choice for a kids’ dirt bike.

Honda CRF50 Specifications

This section takes a closer look at the Honda CRF50 Specs you’ll find in this 50cc Honda dirt bike — right from the manufacturer.

Engine & Transmission
Engine50cc, 4-stroke, Air-cooled, Single cylinder
Transmission3-speed manual shift
ClutchAutomatic clutch
Final drive#420 chain (14T/37T)
Power reductionAdjustable Throttle Limiter
Starter & Gas Capacity
Key ignitionYes
StarterKick Starter
Fuel capacity0.7 US Gallon (2.65 Liters)
Suspension, Brakes & Tires
Suspension, frontInverted telescopic fork
Suspension, rearSingle-shock
Brakes, frontDrum brake
Brakes, rearDrum brake
Tires, front2.50-10 33J
Tires, rear2.50-10 33J
Seat Height21.6 inches549 mm
Ground clearance6.0 inches152 mm
Weight111 pounds50 kg
Overall length51.3 inches1303 mm
Overall width22.9 inches582 mm
Overall height30.5 inches775 mm
Price & Warranty
Price$1,699 (USD)
Warranty6-month transferable limited warranty
Extended WarrantyAvailable

Honda CRF50 Review

A boy kid riding a Honda CRF50F dirt bike.

If you’re at all curious about how the CRF50 performs, continue reading for a full review, from looks to resale value.

50cc Dirt Bike Honda Styling

True to the letters of its model number, this Honda 50 mini bike looks like a tiny copy of the other dirt bikes in the CRF line, bodywork, graphics, and all. To keep things simple, it comes in one color: Honda’s signature fire engine red. 

The red tank, seat, front fender, and side fairings contrast nicely with the white number plate, rear seat panels, and rear fender.


The CRF50 comes with a forgiving engine, which makes it perfect for learning. The air-cooled 50cc 4-stroke produces a total horsepower of 3.1hp. But it does this smoothly and gradually, so a new rider doesn’t lose control because of sudden power.

This bike doesn’t have racing in its veins. It has soft suspension, low ground clearance, and drum brakes. But it is torquey and quick. It handles heavy use well, and for this reason, is a popular Honda 50 pit bike.

Honda Safety

Image of father and son riding on their dirt bike

Honda CRF50 Dirt Bike is great for beginners with regard to safety, kids are able to maneuver the bike easily.

Found on the right handlebar, near the brake lever, the throttle limiter screw is easy to adjust. Just loosen the nut, turn the screw, and lock down the nut to take the top speed from 35 mph to something much lower. The ease of doing this helps when your kid finds it hard to control their speed and might whiskey throttle.

The 3-speed transmission naturally limits speed, too. Unless there’s a shift up or down, the bike will stay in the same gear without stalling. In this way, you can safely keep your kid in first or second gear, and slowly introduce shifting.

If your kid needs more help in the balancing department, you can also fit training wheels onto the CRF50 for more security.


Part of this Honda’s reputation as a solid beginner bike is that it’s so easy and convenient to maintain. You don’t have to do much, which saves a lot of time with repairs.

Stick to the usual maintenance. Replace the engine oil regularly, keep the air filter clean, and the spark plugs fresh. Do this and you’ll discover for yourself why this bike is considered indestructible.

CRF50 Seat Height

The Honda dirt bike is also convenient when it comes to riding. A young rider can build their confidence on the low and narrow seat (21.6 inches high and 4.3 inches wide). Plus, the bike is light enough for a kid to pick up without struggling too much.

Kick Starter

Where this bike lags in convenience is the kickstarter. Kick starting is a big skill for kids to learn, and they usually lack the strength to do it. This means that the parent will be in charge of starting the bike until they get the hang of it.

Pro Tip: As a best practice, the gear should be in neutral before they start kicking. When teaching your kid to kick start, always make them check the bike’s gear. This can be done by gently rocking the bike back and forward while moving the gear lever until the bike freely moves.


Father and son sitting on their Honda dirt bike with the view of mountain on their side.

As a beginner bike, the CRF50 handles well and rarely gets too overwhelming for its rider. It has a long comfortable seat, folding cleated foot pegs, and spoked 10-inch wheels ready to take the beating of riding off-road.

The smooth transmission makes sure nothing sudden happens as long as your kid stays calm and in control. The gears engage smoothly with each shift. And the throttle output is gradual, so your child can replace fear with confidence.

Honda’s trademark pro-link suspension also softens the feedback from the dirt to give a comfortable ride. It does this by doing two things:

  • Bringing the rear suspension closer to the engine and
  • Automatically adjusting the suspension’s stiffness, depending on the kind of dirt your kid is riding

The result of this is a suspension that makes the bike feel very balanced.

Rounding off the beginner-friendly handling features are the brakes. The CRF50 has drum brakes at the front and rear. They offer good stopping power but don’t “bite” the way disc brakes do. This gives kids leeway as they get more precise in their braking.

Engineering of 50cc 4 stroke Dirt Bike

Honda focused on the CRF50’s engine, fuel tank, and frame to make it incredibly sturdy, reliable, and easy to ride. The engine is a punchy 4-stroke, tuned to make it beginner-friendly.

The fuel tank is made out of polyethylene. It’s a flexible plastic that resists dents from drops and weighs much less than metal. Lastly, the frame is made out of high-tensile steel. This type of steel strikes a good balance between cost and strength.

Rival Brands of Honda 50 cc Dirt Bike

Image of Honda CRF50F dirt bike in the middle of the woods with wooden house at the back.

A review of the CRF0 won’t be complete without a mention of its main rival. That would be the Yamaha PW50, which is also classified as a beginner dirt bike for kids. 

The PW50 beats the CRF50 when it comes to getting complete beginners riding quickly. The Yamaha is lighter by 20 pounds, with a wet weight of 90 compared to the Honda’s 110 pounds. The PeeWee 50 also has a lower seat height and a fully automatic transmission. 

But the long game is where the CRF50 gains ground. It’s taller and designed more like a larger dirt bike. That means less adjustment when it’s time to upgrade. You might not have to buy another bike for a while. And that’s likely not the case for the PW50, whose upgrade option is the TTR50.

The TTR50 is another rival of the CRF50, but it’s taller (21.9-inch seat) and heavier (126 pounds) than the Honda.

Resale Value of Honda 50 Dirt Bikes

“Bulletproof” is a term that gets used a lot when describing the CRF50 — and with good reason. It’s made to be dropped, again and again. And when your kid finally outgrows it (which might take a while if your kid is happy with just riding), it’s easy to sell.

Take the Kelley Blue Book. According to it, dealerships can sell used but well-maintained CRF50s from 2015 onwards for at least $1,000. The same model range can be traded in from $615 to $815.

Final Thoughts on Honda Mini Dirt Bike 50cc

Close up image of Honda CRF50F dirt bike body.

To sum it up, the Honda CRF50 will make a great first dirt bike for kids. It is one of top picks for best 50cc dirt bike

It benefits young riders and their parents the most if they don’t mind trading a higher learning curve for the chance to keep the bike for longer. This bike is also perfect for larger kids, and they won’t have trouble with the bike’s weight.

If you’re in the market for a 50cc 4-stroke dirt bike, you won’t have a hard time searching for it. It’s one of the most popular dirt bike models in the world. You also won’t have problems with parts; there’s a world of aftermarket and original parts out there.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Honda CRF50

How much is a Honda 50cc dirt bike?

The Honda CRF50F sells for $1,699 (USD) in 2023

How fast does a Honda 50cc dirt bike go?

The CRF50 top speed is around 35 m/h (or 56 km/h). You can learn about Honda’s 50cc dirt bike speed compared to Yamaha, KTM, Husqvarna, Suzuki, and Cobra in our other article how fast are 50cc dirt bike.

What age is a 50cc dirt bike for?

Kids can start riding a 50cc bike for beginners at four years old. Heavier and more powerful bikes are recommended for older or more experienced kids. That’s typically at the ages of seven or eight.

The CRF50, in particular, is perfect for beginners from the age of five to seven.

Is a Honda CRF50 a 4-stroke?

Yes. The CRF50 has a 4-stroke engine designed to handle trails.

What are the cheapest dirt bikes?

Beginner bikes, such as the Honda CRF50 and the Yamaha PW50, are some of the cheapest dirt bikes on the market. Their purpose is to get kids comfortable riding a dirt bike. So their components aren’t race-quality, which keeps costs down.

Getting them in a used, but maintained condition makes the prices even lower.

How much does a 50 dirt bike cost?

Honestly, it depends on what you’re after. A racing 50cc dirt bike starts pricing around US$3,800, while a 50cc trail dirt bike fetches around $1,600 brand new.