KTM 50 SX Factory Edition – New Race Ready Dirt Bike

The KTM 50 SX Factory edition is a serious racing machine. It’s meant for young riders ages 6 to 10 — preferably who have riding basics out of the way. As the most powerful of all the KTM 50s, the factory edition is about high performance and great handling in tough race conditions.

A lot of engineering went into this KTM 2-stroke to make that happen. It’s tuned for
plenty of torque in the low end but geared higher. Expect this dirt bike to beat the 50
SX’s top speed of 45 miles per hour, even though it weighs the same dry and has a seat height half an inch lower (26.2 inches).

KTM spent years developing this mini dirt bike. Every feature it has is geared for
winning races. Its closest rival is the Cobra 50 and its more mellow sibling, the 50 SX.

Going for $5,199 retail, it isn’t cheap. But the factory edition is a powerful bike that will give a skilled young racer every advantage they need.

2021 KTM 50 SX Factory Edition Motocross Body and Exhaust (Image Courtesy: KTM)

Top Features of the KTM 50 SX Factory Edition

MX parents and young riders have plenty to be excited about. The KTM’s top features
highlight the bike’s high-performing nature. It has:

  • A full exhaust system from FMF (FMF Fatty pipe and Powercord 2 silencer)
  • A specially tuned engine and clutch
  • Fully automatic transmission
  • Lighter and re-tuned suspension.

We’ll discuss what these top features mean for the bike’s overall ride in a later section.

KTM 50 SX Factory Edition Specs

Check out this new KTM’s full spec sheet below.

Engine & Transmission50SX Factory Edition
Engine49cc, 2-stroke, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, reed-valve
TransmissionSingle-speed automatic
ClutchCentrifugal multi-disc automatic clutch, adjustable
Final driveChain
Power reductionNone
2021 KTM 50 SX Factory Edition Motocross Dirt Bike (Image Courtesy: KTM)
Starter & Gas Capacity50 SX Factory Edition
Key ignitionNo
StarterKick starter
Fuel capacity0.6 US Gallon (2.27 Liters)
Suspension, Brakes & TiresKTM 50 Factory Edition
Suspension, frontInverted air forks, Adjustable
Suspension, rearSingle-shock, Adjustable
Brakes, frontDisk brake
Brakes, rearDisk brake
Tires, front60/100-10 33J
Tires, rear70/100-10 41J
2021 KTM 50 SX Factory Edition Motocross Dirt Bike Left View (Image Courtesy: KTM)
Seat Height26.2 inches665 mm
Ground clearance9.9 inches252 mm
Weight (dry)91.5 pounds41.5 kg
Overall lengthNot specifiedNot specified
Overall widthNot specifiedNot specified
Overall heightNot specifiedNot specified
Price & Warranty50 SX Factory Edition
Price$5,199 (USD)
Warranty30 days limited warranty
Extended WarrantyN/A

The KTM 50SX Factory Edition Review

How much performance should you expect from this orange race-ready dirt bike?

This section will give you the answer to that question.


Make the graphics and decals on this bike bigger, stick it onto a KTM production bike,
and people won’t bat an eye. The 50 SX factory edition has all the styling of its much
larger siblings — with a few extras. It has a blue gripper seat, special orange ignition
and clutch covers, and factory edition decals.

Its blue accents set it apart from the 50 SX. And most importantly, it looks ready to rip around a track.


KTM 50 SX Factory Edition Motocross Engine (Image Courtesy: KTM)

Compared to the 50 SX, the factory edition is a more powerful bike.

Its carburetor has better jetting. It has a high-quality FMF exhaust system. And both are connected to an engine that is great at delivering lots of power in the low and middle ranges. To add to the performance, KTM increased the gearing. The result is a bike with a higher top speed and a good spread of power.


Because this bike is designed for racing, the slew of safety features you find on a
beginner trail bike is missing. An exception is a fully automatic transmission. Young racers can worry about shifting later. They can focus on getting ahead now with just a
twist of the throttle.

The good news about the bike is that it’s highly adjustable. This allows a parent wiggle room, which makes it a safer ride.


As a racing machine, high adjustability is the best convenience for this KTM 50. Another one for racing families is the hour meter. It is located in front of the gas tank, it helps parents keep track of how long the bike has been ridden and when it should be serviced.

KTM 50 SX Factory Edition Motocross Front Wheel (Image Courtesy: KTM)


The KTM 50 SX Factory Edition is a reasonable upgrade if you want better handling and less rider fatigue.

It has Dunlop Geomax tires, which perform better on dirt than the Maxxis tires of the 50SX. The bike gets better and more comfortable steering, thanks to a new and
lightweight handlebar. The handlebar flexes under load for more comfort and has
smaller grips for more rider control.

The bike also has a seat that’s 0.7 inches shorter than the 50 SX. And the seat is a
gripper seat, which helps its rider stay on the bike when seated.


The Austrian brand poured plenty of research into the factory edition’s features. It has
WP Xact air forks are 8 ounces lighter than the 50 SX’s. Plus the stock settings for the rear shock have been modified to match the new forks.

A new throttle system has been installed for smooth power output. And the engine is
more compact and has a new clutch configuration that emphasizes precise handling —
even at max power.

KTM 50 SX Factory Edition Motocross Handle Bar (Image Courtesy: KTM)

Rival Brands

The Cobra 50 is a natural rival for the factory edition. When talk turns to race 50cc dirtbikes, KTMs and Cobras are often compared.

But a closer look at the differences between the 50 SX and the factory edition gives a
fuller picture. Reference this table for the key details.

Specs50 SX50 SX Factory Edition
Seat height26.9 inches (684 mm)26.2 inches (665 mm)
TransmissionAutomaticAutomatic with special
clutch tuning
TiresOEM MaxxisDunlop Geomax MX 53
ExhaustStockFull FMF system
Engine49cc, 2-stroke49cc, 2-stroke
(tuned for peak torque in
low to mid ranges)
Color schemeOrange/white/blackOrange/white/blue
(with the special edition

Resale Value

Since KTM only released this bike last year, there isn’t a used market yet. Future resale value should be higher than the 50 SX because of the performance upgrades.

2021 KTM 50 SX Factory Edition Motocross Dirt Bike Right Front View (Image Courtesy: KTM)

Final Thoughts on KTM 50 Factory Edition

The 50 SX Factory Edition is not a beginner-friendly bike. There’s no option for the
power reduction kit, unlike in the SX and the SX Mini.

But it is bound to be very popular with young racers and their parents. It’s made for
young riders with a solid set of skills and kids who are already racing. It’s a powerful
upgrade bike for any kid who dreams about the track.

KTM 50 SX Factory Edition may be tough competition for Cobra King 50, which is one of our top picks for kids motocross. You can find more details in Best 50cc Dirt Bike.

As a new release, the bike is mostly available in dealerships, and parts will come
directly from KTM.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s an overview of the most pressing questions about the factory edition.

1. How much does a KTM 50 factory edition cost?

It retails for $5,199 in 2021.

2. How fast does a KTM 50 SX factory edition go?

The factory edition can go faster than the recorded SX top speed of 45 miles per hour.

3. Is a KTM 50 factory edition a 2 stroke?

Yes, like the other KTM 50cc bikes, this one is a 2-stroke.

4. Is a KTM 50 factory edition automatic?

Yes, it’s a fully automatic race bike.

5. Does a KTM 50 factory edition have a clutch?

Yes, it has a multi-disc automatic clutch.

6. How much HP does a KTM 50 factory edition have?

While KTM hasn’t disclosed exact figures yet, the factory edition should be capable of
producing much more than 5.5hp. That’s the power of a 50 SX running a power
reduction kit.