KTM 50 SX vs Mini – Which is better for you?

We have a good reason for picking the KTM 50 SX Mini as the most versatile mini dirt bike in 2023. It can be ridden by a mix of youth riders from beginners to an experienced riders graduating from tiny Yamaha PW50.

The difference between the KTM 50 SX Mini and 50 SX models is that the latter is 4.2 inches taller. This is why the KTM 50 SX is not allowed in 4 to 6 years of race classes in most motocross.

At 22 inches, the KTM 50SX mini seat height is not too high or too low. Typical ages of the riders range from 4 to 6 or even up to 7 depending on the kid’s height.

The KTM 50 SX has a seat height of 26.2 inches which works well for kids who are taller for their age. For a 5 or 6 years old kid who is tall, the bigger frame KTM 50 SX fits right in. However, the typical age ranges between 6-8, but still depends on the kid’s height and comfort.

The KTM 50 SX Mini sells at $4,199 USD. This bike has priced higher than beginner trail bikes like the Yamaha PW50. The big brother KTM 50 SX sells at $ 4,699 USD. Both could be strategic investments for parents with many kids.

The next sections talk about other important features of the dirt bike. Keep reading to get a full impression.

Rival Models

Take a look at the chart below to see the Mini’s main rivals in the mini dirt bike class:
the Yamaha PW50, KTM 50 SX, and Mini.

KTM 50 SX vs Mini vs PW50

As shown in the table above, these 3 bikes are 2 strokes. Yet, the differences between the bikes are significant. Of the three, the PW50 is the lightest, shortest, and most convenient. Built-in throttle limiter and no foot controls. It’s the best choice for a complete beginner.

KTM 50 SX Mini is a good starter bike though it has a more aggressive power delivery than Yamaha PW50. Both KTMs accept their own power reduction kit that is sold separately. It helps decrease power while your child takes their first steps. As skills level up, returning the bikes to stock unleashes more power and might even encourage interest in racing — which both bikes can handle.

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Top features of this KTM 50cc dirtbike

Kid jumping his KTM 50SX mini dirt bike in the trail.

KTM doesn’t cut corners, not even in its mini motocross bikes. The SX Mini’s best features allow riders to make full use of its racing pedigree without having to work hard for it.

The first stop down the easy-handling road is the single-speed automatic transmission. The young’un only has to twist the throttle on the right handlebar to get up to speed. Next on the list of great features are the race components:

  • Adjustable suspension by WP
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Knobby Maxxis tires

KTM 50 SX bike has features for beginners and racers alike:

  • Single-speed automatic clutch
  • Adjustable air forks and rear shock
  • High-performing engine

The KTM 50 SX and Mini’s package of features round off with the option for added safety. Wary parents can install a power reduction kit that will let their kids slowly get used to the bike’s power.

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KTM 50 SX vs Mini Distinct Specs

The tables here point out specs that are different between KTM 50 SX vs Mini.

Suspension & Brakes TiresKTM 50 SX MiniKTM 50 SX
Tires, front2.50-10 33J6/100-12 36M TT
Tires, rear2.75-10 38J2.75-10 38J TT
KTM 50 SX MiniKTM 50 SX
Seat Height22 inches26.2 inches
Ground clearance7.2 inches9.9 inches
Weight (dry)88.2 pounds91.5 pounds
Price 50 SX MiniKTM 50 SX
Price$4,199 (USD)$4,699 (USD)
Isolated image of KTM 50 SX Mini dirt bike in white background
2023 KTM 50 SX Mini Motocross Dirt Bike (Courtesy: KTM Photo: Fotografie Mitterbauer)

KTM 50 SX vs Mini Similar Specs

Tables here point out similar specs between KTM 50 SX vs Mini.

Engine & TransmissionKTM 50SX MiniKTM 50 SX
Engine50cc, 2-stroke, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, reed-valve50cc, 2-stroke, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, reed-valve
TransmissionSingle-speed automaticSingle-speed automatic
ClutchCentrifugal multi-disc automatic clutch, adjustableCentrifugal clutch (adjustable)
Final driveChain Chain
Power reductionPower reduction kitPower reduction kit
Starter & Gas CapacityKTM 50 SX MiniKTM 50 SX
Key ignitionNoNo
StarterKick starterKick starter
Fuel capacity0.61 US Gallon (2.3 Litres)0.6 US Gallon (2.3 Liters)
Suspension & Brakes KTM 50 SX MiniKTM 50 SX
Suspension, frontInverted air forks, AdjustableInverted air forks, Adjustable
Suspension, rearSingle-shock, AdjustableSingle-shock, Adjustable
Brakes, frontDisk brakeDisk brake
Brakes, rearDisk brakeDisk brake
Warranty50 SX MiniKTM 50 SX
Warranty30 days limited warranty30 days limited warranty
Extended WarrantyN/AN/A

The KTM 50SX vs Mini Review

KTM 50 SX Mini vs 50 SX vs 65 sx [Note – different year models are compared]

This KTM mini bike is the most friendly version of the brand’s 50cc lineup. Find out the
finer points of its real-world performance below.

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The newest model year gets a graphics refresh. The in-mold graphics borrow their
design from the brand’s full-size dirt bikes. The result is an updated look with KTM’s
classic white, orange, and black color scheme.

They have similarities with the KTM 50 SX with regard to styling. The KTM 50 SX has the natural competition looks of a motocross bike. It has sharp lines just like large dirt bikes.

European Engineering and performance

Not much has changed in the 2023 version of the 50 SX and Mini. The popular features of the bike are still there like:

  • A light Chromoly steel frame
  • Petal disc brakes
  • High-quality WP forks and shock

There is one notable upgrade for 2023. A new throttle assembly gives the new KTM
mini an improved response, contributing to better performance. KTM 50 SX bike’s engineering is geared towards handling big jumps.

Power Reduction

The versatile KTM 50 SX mini is a safe operator. With the power reduction kit fitted on. The engine power mellows out to 5.5hp, quashing fears of whiskey throttle.

KTM 50 SX’s engine has more race-tuned than the SX mini. Yet, you can install a power reduction kit on both. It reduces the amount of power the engine delivers. This ensures safety and makes the beginners confident to ride on the bike.


Its Kickstarter makes the bike hard to start for young riders. This inconvenience for them translates to security for parents, kids can’t start the bike and go.

The bike has no battery to carry which makes it lighter. The KTM 50 SX and Mini scored the same here. Both bikes have a twist-and-go throttle, powered by an automatic clutch.

This clutch is adjustable and allows you to control the bike’s power. Armed with Allen
keys and a wrench, you can set up the clutch to “slip” at a higher rpm. A slip at higher
rpm means the bike will have a less sensitive throttle. It will pick up speed more slowly and won’t whiskey throttle if your child panics and holds the throttle wide open.


Isolated image of KTM 50 SX Mini dirt bike in white background
2023 KTM 50 SX Mini Motocross Dirt Bike (Courtesy: KTM Photo: Fotografie Mitterbauer)

With proper instruction, a young rider can control this small KTM’s powerful engine easily. It’s tuned to deliver power smoothly and steadily. The power from the engine connects with the ground through Maxxis tires that offer good grip on numerous surfaces.

In turn, the tires work together with the WP suspension system. It smooths bumps while keeping feedback. The new handlebars also give more comfort to the riders. They are redesigned so that you can now fit smaller grips.

KTM SX mini is best for beginners, with 4ft tall as they can easily reach the ground. When the kids are ready for competition, they can go for KTM SX 50 which requires longer legs to reach the ground.

Resale Value

50 SX MiniKTM 50 SX
Trade-in Values (2017 – 2019)$1,755 to $2,015$1,620 to $2,420
Dealership Prices (2017 – 2019)$2,605 to $2,970$2,410 to $3,545

With proper instruction, a young rider can easily control this small KTM’s powerful engine. It’s tuned to deliver power smoothly and steadily. The power from the engine
connects with the ground through Maxxis tires that offer good grip on numerous

The bikes appeal to a wider audience of young riders from beginners to racers —
the KTM Mini and KTM SX 50 have good resale value and a healthy used market.

Final Thoughts on the KTM

Isolated image of KTM 50 SX Mini dirt bike in white background
2023 KTM 50 SX Mini Motocross Dirt Bike (Courtesy: KTM Photo: Fotografie Mitterbauer)

The KTM 50 SX Mini is an ambitious bike. It takes on trail riding and racing and
performs admirably on both. It’s a bike that a youth rider can start with and keep for
years after. It is one of our top picks for the Best 50cc Dirt Bike. Yet, it’s not as easy to learn as a rival like the Yamaha PW50. 50 SX Mini is a more powerful bike with quality race components already built into the price.

KTM 50 SX is the most versatile bike among 50cc dirt bikes. This is mostly the preferred bike and brand for parents and kids who are ready for racing. Ideal for tall kids and kids excited to make their jumps on the race track. In addition, the KTM 50 SX is a bike for both beginners and skilled riders.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Want answers to common questions? Check out the section below.

1. How fast does a KTM 50 mini go?

It can reach speeds of 42 miles per hour (67 km/h) but the engine’s pull can be tamed by installing a power reduction kit. With this accessory installed, the SX Mini
horsepower goes down to 5.5hp.

2. How much is a KTM 50 Mini?

It costs $4,199 USD. This is the lowest price for an entry-level race bike. By
comparison, higher-performing models like the 50 SX cost at least $500 more.

3. How much is a KTM 50 SX?

It costs $4,699 USD. It costs more than the SX Mini, but less than the Factory Edition.
The Factory Edition retails at $5,599.

4. What age is a KTM 50 for?

It’s meant for young riders between 4 and 10 years old. Age isn’t the only deciding factor for choosing bikes. In addition, rider height and proportions also play big roles in getting a bike that fits your child.

5. Do KTM 50 have gears?

No, the SX Mini is a single-speed automatic. It has the same transmission found in the 50 SX and the Factory Edition. These bikes are fully automatic, shifting between gears is not necessary.

6. How tall is a KTM 50 Mini?

It has a 22-inch seat height which is nearly 4 inches lower than the 50 SX. A lower seat builds rider confidence faster. This means younger riders have less fear when riding if they know they can easily touch the ground with one or both feet.

7. How much does a mini dirt bike cost?

Mini trail bikes start at about $1,500 while mini race bikes like the KTM SX Mini start at around $4,199. Prices vary based on the features included with the bikes. Race bikes cost more because they have components that are lighter, sturdier, and more adjustable.