A Quick Look at the SSR 50cc Dirt Bike

The SSR SX50-A — the Chinese SSR Powersports’ only 50cc dirt bike — creates a steady buzz because of its price. It only costs $569 USD brand new. That’s less than half the price of new 50cc trail bikes from bigger name brands. 

“What’s the catch?” you might ask. Well, at such a low price point, this mini 2-stroke has had to cut some corners to make it to the market. As a result, it can’t be ridden aggressively and should never be tested on a track. 

Still, young riders ages 4 to 7 will appreciate the lightness of this SSR 50 cc. Compared to rivals like the Yamaha PW50 and the Honda CRF50, the SSR is featherweight. And with a seat height of 23 inches and a top speed of 25 miles per hour, it has a tame and welcoming nature that’s great for beginners.

If you have a limited budget and don’t mind the extra work to keep the bike running, this 50cc can be a decent and affordable option during your kid’s first two years of riding. 

Top features of the SSR 50

Kid riding the SSR 50 dirt bike in the trail
Kid riding the SSR 50 dirt bike in the trail

While price is the main thing that draws parents to the SSR, there are several other positive features to consider:

  • Low seat height (23 inches / 584 mm)
  • Disc brakes (a premium feature at this price point, especially when compared to more expensive beginner trail bikes with drum brakes)
  • Wet weight of about 48.5 pounds
  • Throttle limiter and engine kill switch for rider safety

SSR 50 Pit Bike Review

Isolated image of ssr 50 in white and blue background

Specifications are just numbers on paper without some context. Read our full review of the mini dirt bike below.


The SSR pit bike 50cc goes bold. Its graphics and bodywork lend the dirt bike an illusion of speed. And it comes in a wide range of colors: red, blue, green, orange, black, white.


The engine for the SSR 50cc fires up in the same way a lawnmower does. Pull on the starter lever and the engine roars to life. At its most powerful, the engine is capable of producing about 2.4 horsepower — very manageable for a beginner. 

Quality issues have constantly plagued SSR’s reputation in the past. But SSR Motorsports appears to be listening and is slowly working toward better quality bikes. 

The experience of owning an SSR 50cc remains a mixed bag. Some parents report only normal wear and tear after a year of use; others report catastrophic failure within a few months. If you plan on buying this bike, take time to tighten bolts, grease parts, and inspect parts to make sure your experience is mostly positive.

SSR….are much improved from the units that arrived here in the early 2000.

– Mel Harris, SSR Motorsports VP of Operations via dirtbike.com interview

Safety and convenience

Side view image of ssr 50 in brown background with dirt in the bottom

Because it’s made for young beginners, the 50cc SSR dirt bike comes with two important safety features: an engine kill switch and an adjustable speed limiter. 

The speed limiter, which works by turning a screw behind the front brake, reduces the bike’s power by about 33%. The kill switch, which also attaches to the rider, cuts power to the engine with push of a button or a pull on the attached cord.


Learning to ride is not a big challenge on the bike. At exactly 48.5 points, it’s very light for beginners. It’s also easy to get going. It has a twist-and-go automatic transmission and no foot controls. Plus, disc brakes on both wheels add confidence with braking. 

But remember: SSR designed this 50cc as a trail-only bike. It’s only good for flat, gentle terrain like fields and low hills. It won’t survive repeated use on dirt bike race tracks, and you can expect some parts to break if the bike gets dropped several times or is ridden hard. There’s also a weight limit that’s set at a rider weight of 50 pounds (about 22.7 kilos).

Rival brands

The main rivals of the SSR pit bike 50cc are the PW50 and CRF50. Both bikes are marketed as beginner dirt bikes like the SSR, but both cost more than twice as much. The SSR leads in price, but unlike the Yamaha and the Honda suffers from quality issues.

Resale value

Side view image of ssr 50 dirt bike in red background

The bike’s reputation for lower build quality greatly affects resale value. Kelley Blue Book doesn’t even keep records of its listing and trade-in values. The best strategy for keeping the bike’s value intact is to use it gently and sell within a year or two.

SSR 50 Specs

Want more details? Check out the full spec sheet below.

Engine & Transmission

Engine50.53cc, 2-stroke, air-cooled, single cylinder
TransmissionSingle-speed automatic
ClutchAutomatic centrifugal
Final DriveChain
Power ReductionSpeed limiter

Starter & Gas Capacity

Key ignitionNo
Fuel capacity0.26 US gallon (0.98 liters)

Chassis, Suspension & Brakes

Suspension FrontSpring, Inverted
Suspension RearSingle-shock
Brakes FrontDisc brake
Brakes RearDisc brake
Tires Front2.50-10
Tires Rear2.50-10


Seat Height23 in (584 mm)
Ground Clearance8.5 in (216 mm)
Weight48.5 lbs (22 kg)
Overall Length49 in (1245 mm)
Overall Width23 in (584 mm)
Overall Height31 in (787 mm)

Price & Warranty

Price$569 (USD)
Warranty30-day parts-only limited warranty
Extended WarrantyN/A

Final Thoughts on the 50cc SSR dirt bike

No big name brands can beat this mini Chinese dirt bike when it comes to price. If you’re considering the SSR 50 dirt bike, you’re probably:

  • working with a tight budget, 
  • wanting a brand new bike for the price of a used one, 
  • or looking to make your own conclusions about this bike.

Whatever your motivation, expect to work on the SSR more than you would on Yamaha, Honda, or KTM dirt bikes. The SSR can be worth the risk, but only if you know that your kid will be riding on gentle terrain without a hint of daring.

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FAQs — Frequently Asked Questions

Read through this section for a recap of the most common questions about the SSR 50cc dirt bike.

1. Are SSR bikes any good?

In general, owners of SSR bikes have reported some build quality issues with the 50cc mini dirt bike. These quality issues aren’t reported nearly as often for models with larger engines, starting with the SSR 70. The highest advantage SSR bikes have over the competition is price. SSR Vice President of Operations Mel Harris has also spoken of better quality control in newer models.

2. What type of air filter – SSR 50cc dirt bike?

The SSR 50cc accepts 35mm filters. The most common aftermarket filter that gets installed on the bike is the cone-style air filter. This type of air filter allows the bike to get more air flow, increasing power. 

3. How to start a SSR 50cc dirt bike?

The SSR 50cc has a pull starter. To start it, operate the choke first, which is right below the pull starter. With the choke on, give the pull starter lever a firm pull. If the dirt bike struggles with starting, open and close the throttle as you pull on the starter.

4. How to fix 50cc SSR dirt bike?

The most common complaint for the 50cc SSR is a starting issue. If your bike runs into this issue, check your fuel mixture, air filter, and spark plug. You will also want to check the carburetor and make sure it’s not clogged or gummed with fuel.

Need parts? Buy SSR 50cc dirt bike parts directly from SSR Motorsports and its dealer network. Or search at online retailers like Orion Powersports.

5. Who makes SSR pit bikes?

SSR Motorsports is the company that makes SSR pit bikes. It got started in 2002 and has been exporting pit bikes to the US ever since. The company also makes full-sized dirt bikes, ATVs, and UTVs.