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Best Youth Dirt Bike Helmet – 2021 Top Picks and Reviews

Youth birt bike helmet with a stripe and star
Dirt Bike Helmet for Youth and Kids

So your 10 year old, a younger or an older kid needs a dirt bike helmet? Even though motorcross helmets are the most important safety gear, they don’t have to break the bank. In this article, we have carefully selected the 5 best youth dirt bike helmets that you may not know about. 

While some off-road mx helmets may cost less, but don’t worry they’re safe. All helmets listed here are DOT certified. That means they were tested to meet high safety standards set by the US Department of Transportation (DOT).

A cheapo $70 helmet offers protection very close to what you get from a $300 helmet with similar coverage.

— International Motorcycle Safety Conference ’90, Motor Cyclist, Source: University of Wisconsin, Madison

We have also covered big brand names such as FLY Racing, Fox Racing, and O’Neal that may cost more. However, if your young one isn’t performing serious stunts, you don’t have to buy a very expensive helmet.

Of course, it’s your choice, but keep in mind your kids will outgrow them soon. Here’s a quick peek at our top picks for dirt bike helmets for youth and kids:

What is the best dirt bike helmet for youth?

To help you choose a kids dirt bike helmet that are safe, comfortable and cool, we have come up with a curated list of top rated kids dirt bike helmets at a reasonable price. After reading this review, you won’t have a hard time making a choice.

Ready? Let’s get started.


10. 1. O’Neal 0200-464 2SRS Youth Helmet Villian

At the top of our list is this DOT-certified motocross helmet from O’Neal. O’Neal is a company that has been known for making quality helmets for years, and the Villain is no exception.

If you’re asking yourself, what is the best youth motocross helmet? We will probably tell you the Villain. The O’Neal villain youth helmet has excellent features that make it stand out from other motocross helmets. Let’s look at these features in detail.


This helmet has an injection molded polycarbonate ASB shell. What makes ABS and polycarbonate perfect materials for any helmet is that they are resilient to impact and can withstand different temperatures. This means your helmet is solid and can withstand a hit in case of a crash. It will also perform well under cold, dry, hot, or wet temperatures.

The double-D release chin strap has D-shaped metal rings that fasten your helmet’s strap to a precise fit. The good thing about a D-release chin buckle is that it’s reliable as it stays in place and gives you a precise fit. Unfortunately, a double D chin strap will need your two hands if you want to loosen it, and you may also need to remove your gloves to loosen it.

The villain also comes with a rubber roost nose guard. This is the little rubber piece that sits above your mouth that helps protect your nose from rocks and other debris found on the motocross track. The nose guard also helps deflect your breath from the visor eliminating fogging.


The helmet also has a well-cushioned interior made of a padded washable liner. The fact that this liner is removable and washable helps you maintain freshness over time. The thick padding inside is fantastic in terms of durability and comfort. The added layer of soft padding particularly keeps your ears and cheeks comfortable.

One downside of using the ABS material for the Villian’s shell is that it makes the helmet a bit heavy at 3.59 pounds. Fortunately, the use of the lighter polycarbonate material alleviates some of the helmet’s unnecessary weight.


There are plenty of vents around the front, back, and sides of this helmet to allow air to be pulled in the front and out of the rear. Adequate ventilation is essential for any rider as it helps keep you cool during hot weather and your visor mist-free during cold weather. Good ventilation also ensures you ride for longer without the need to make frequent stops.


If you’re looking for a helmet with good looks, then the Villian will get you. This is a helmet with nice clean colors. Its aggressive body look also stands out from the common helmet styles we are used to.

Unfortunately, it only comes in only one color-neon yellow. O’Neal provides you a helmet size chart to help you size your Villian helmet, but like many O’Neal helmets, this one runs small if the reviews from most customers are anything to go by.


  • Comfortable detachable padding
  • Ample ventilation to allow airflow
  • Great value for the money
  • Good looking durable exterior
  • Breathable, lightweight material


  • Some users claim the helmet runs small to size based on their size chart, so you may want to up size