Best Dirt Bike Brands For You [Which to Avoid]

As a beginner rider, you may be swamped by the sea of options in the dirt bike market. There are bikes of different engine types, classes, and purposes. 

These best dirt bike brands include:

To top that, different bike brands are equally available. This makes making a choice more difficult for those who are not familiar with the brands. So, in this article, you’ll get a rundown of the best dirt bike brands and their standout qualities.

Top 12 Dirt Bike Brands To Choose From

A line of different brands of dirt bikes

When it comes to picking a bike, it could be either for motocross racing or off-road adventure. You’ll need to ensure you get the best brand for that purpose. The right dirt bike sizing also comes into consideration when making a choice. Here are some top dirtbike brands you can choose from.

1. KTM – Austrian Brand

The KTM brand has become a leading force on the tracks. Their dirt bikes are built for speed. They feature powerful 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines with top-notch suspension systems. 

As a proof to their innovation and performance, KTM has secured a total of 333 FIM world titles. Beyond the professional racing circuit, KTM has a devoted and dedicated fan base. They have done this through their versatile lineup of dirt bikes highlighted below:

KTM Engine Class and TypePurpose of Bike
50cc, 2-strokeMotocross
65cc, 2-strokeMotocross
85cc, 2-strokeMotocross
125cc, 2-strokeMotocross
150cc, 2-strokeEnduro
250cc, 2-strokeEnduro
250cc, 2-stroke and 4-strokeMotocross
300cc, 2-strokeMotocross
300cc, 2-strokeEnduro
350cc, 4-strokeEnduro
350cc, 4-strokeMotocross
450cc, 4-strokeEnduro
450cc, 4-strokeMotocross
500cc, 4-strokeEnduro

2. GasGas – Spanish Brand

Isolated image of Gasgas MC 85 in light green background

Be it the motocross tracks or the off-road, GasGas has made an impact in the motorcycle community. Although motorcycles are pricey, GasGas makes the 2023 dirt bike price list of affordable ones. GasGas riders have secured championships in events like the FIM Motocross World Championship. 

We showed some good improvements…we finished third in the MX2 championship standings.”

Simon Langenfelder – Rider says of the 2022 FIM race
GasGas Engine Class and TypePurpose of Bike
50cc, 2-strokeMotocross
65cc, 2-strokeMotocross
85cc, 2-strokeMotocross
125cc, 4-strokeMotocross
250cc, 2-strokeEnduro and Cross-country
250cc, 4-strokeMotocross and Cross-country
300cc, 2-strokeEnduro and Cross-country
350cc, 4-strokeMotocross and Cross-country
450cc, 4-strokeMotocross and Cross-country

3. Husqvarna – Swedish Brand

Husqvarna is a popular brand of Swedish heritage. It has a long-standing reputation for manufacturing top-quality dirt bikes. Their bikes have proved to be extremely durable and agility—proving itself time and again. This is in the FIM Motocross World Championship and the AMA Supercross Championship.

In 2018, Husqvarna rider, Jason Anderson, rode the bike to win the AMA Supercross Championship. This displays the brand’s control in the racing arena.

Husqvarna Engine Class and TypePurpose of Bike
50cc, 2-strokeMotocross
65cc, 2-strokeMotocross
85cc, 2-strokeMotocross
125cc, 2-strokeMotocross
150cc, 2-strokeEnduro 
250cc, 2-stroke Enduro 
250cc, 2-stroke and 4-strokeMotocross
300cc, 2-strokeEnduro
350cc, 4-strokeEnduro
350cc, 4-strokeMotocross
450cc, 4-strokeEnduro
450cc, 4-strokeMotocross
501cc, 4-strokeEnduro

4. Honda – Japanese Brand

Isolated image of Honda 50cc in light green background

What is motocross history with Honda? Its similarity with reliability and performance. It is hardly surprising that the brand has got both fame and a devoted following. The Honda brand traits alongside the best dirtbike brands in the world.

Current AMA Motocross Champion, Eli Tomac won the AMA Motocross Championship on the back of the Honda CRF250R in 2013. This shows that Honda has a history of performance. They also have a reputation for quality skill.

Honda Engine Class and TypePurpose of Bike
50cc, 4-strokeTrail
110cc, 4-strokeTrail
125cc, 4-strokeTrail
150cc, 4-strokeDual Sport and Motocross
250cc, 4-stroke Trail and Motocross
300cc, 4-strokeDual Sport
450cc, 4-strokeDual Sport, Trail, and Motocross
650cc, 4-strokeDual Sport

5. Suzuki – Japanese Brand

Isolated image of Suzuki dirt bike in light green background

The Suzuki brand represents the spirit of resilience. With a commitment to pushing limits, Suzuki bikes have exceptional handling. This makes them a top choice for riders who want precise control of the tracks.

Suzuki Engine Class and TypePurpose of Bike
50cc, 4-strokeOff-road
80cc, 2-stroke*Off-road
85cc, 2-strokeMotocross
125cc, 4-strokeOff-road
250cc, 4-strokeMotocross
450cc, 4-strokeMotocross
* Not available in the U.S.

6. Kawasaki – Japanese Brand

When it comes to raw power and thrilling rides, Kawasaki takes the lead. Their dirt bikes deliver amazing speed with perfect handling. Which makes it excellent for riding on the toughest of terrains.

But these are not mere words. Kawasaki has a track record in race championships. They ranked 2nd in the 2022 AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship 250 B Class. They clinched the title in the 85cc (10-12) class of the same racing event.

Kawasaki Engine Class and TypePurpose of Bike
65cc, 2-strokeMotocross
85cc, 2-strokeMotocross
110cc, 4-strokeOff-road
112cc, 2-strokeMotocross
140cc, 4-strokeOff-road
230cc, 4-strokeOff-road
250cc, 4-strokeMotocross
300cc, 4-strokeOff-road
450cc, 4-strokeMotocross
650cc, 4-strokeOff-road

7. Yamaha – Japanese Brand

Yamaha has been a stalwart in the dirt bike industry. With it ranking amongst the best dirtbike brand. Their bikes are durable and agile. They also generate a lot of power. They do not have a lot of beginner bikes though as their bikes reach peak power in a short time. Intermediate-level riders can ride the 65cc dirt bike and 85cc dirt bike of this brand.

Yamaha Engine Class and TypePurpose of Bike
50cc, 2-strokeTrail
65cc, 2-strokeMotocross
85cc, 2-strokeMotocross
110cc, 4-strokeTrail
125cc, 2-stroke and 4-strokeMotocross and Trail
230cc, 4-strokeTrail
250cc, 2-stroke and 4-strokeMotocross
450cc, 4-strokeMotocross

8. Cobra – American Brand

If there is anything like specialization in the dirt bike industry, Cobra has hacked it. This American brand produces dirt bikes in only two classes—the 50cc and 65cc classes. This has allowed them to deliver the best as they have gained mastery of these classes.

Cobra dirt bikes have consistently demonstrated their prowess. Be it on the local tracks or at national races. Thus, they have helped young riders achieve their racing dreams.

Cobra Engine Class and TypePurpose of Bike
50cc, 2-strokeMotocross
65cc, 2-strokeMotocross

9. Beta – Italian Brand

Isolated image of Beta dirt bike in white background

The Beta brand is a product of Italian craftsmanship. They specialize in off-road dirt bikes. These bikes are renowned for their lightweight design and handling. This gives off-road adventurers the agility and precision they need on dirt paths.

Beta Engine Class and TypePurpose of Bike
50cc, 2-strokeEnduro
125cc, 2-stroke and 4-strokeEnduro
200cc, 2-strokeEnduro
250cc, 2-strokeEnduro
300cc, 2-strokeEnduro
300cc, 2-strokeMotocross
350cc/390cc/430cc/480cc , 4-strokeEnduro

10. TM – Italian Brand

Another Italian brand is TM Racing Motorcycles. Although the TM is a relatively small dirt bike brand, they make over a thousand motorcycles per year. Their bikes feature 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. These bikes cut across motocross and Enduro bikes. They are also high-performance bikes.

TM Engine Class and TypePurpose of Bike
85cc, 2-strokeMotocross
125cc, 2-strokeMotocross and Enduro
144cc, 2-strokeMotocross and Enduro
250cc, 2-stroke and 4-strokeMotocross and Enduro
300cc, 2-stroke and 4-strokeMotocross and Enduro
450cc, 4-strokeMotocross and Enduro
530cc, 4-strokeMotocross and Enduro

11. Rieju – Spanish Brand

Rieju, although less known, has been manufacturing motorcycles for decades. They have since established themselves as prominent players in the industry. Rieju currently produces only the 125 cc and 50cc dirt bike.

This Spanish brand is renowned for its reliability and build quality. In recent years, Rieju has made significant strides towards environmental sustainability. They have introduced their eMR electric dirt bike models. This is to reduce emissions.

Rieju Engine Class and TypePurpose of Bike
50cc, 2-strokeOff-road
125cc, 4-strokeOff-road

12. SHERCO – French Brand

SHERCO has made a name for themselves as a top-tier dirt bike. Their specialty is off-road motorbikes, of which their trial bikes are more popular. SHERCO offers riders efficient power and finesse in a bike.

SHERCO Engine Class and TypePurpose of Bike
125cc, 2-strokeEnduro and Trail
250cc, 2-stroke and 4-strokeEnduro and Trail
300cc, 2-stroke and 4-strokeEnduro and Trail
450cc, 4-strokeEnduro
500cc, 4-strokeEnduro

Avoid these Brands [May be]

No, we are not against chinese brands. Afterall in drone industry, chinese brand DJI is world’s leading producer of camera drones. But to be fair, they have not reached the same level of quality and reliability in powersports industry.

However, they sell for quite less. For instance, SSR brand’s 50cc bike SX50-A costs around one-third compared to Japanese brand Honda CRF50. So if you’re in the market for cheapest dirt bikes, then the following brands may be your best bet. But don’t expect same level of performance, experience and resale value compared to top brands we have covered.

SSR – Chinese Brand

SSR is well-known Chinese brand. They manufacture a variety of powersports motorcycles like pit bikes and dirt bikes. Their bikes have a strong presence in the off-road community.

Razor – Chinese Brand

Razor is the most popular chinese brand that builds small electric dirt bikes for youth. Their models mx650 and mx350 have seen increased demand among buyers on a budget.

Tao – Chinese Brand

Tao is a Chinese brand. Their focus as a brand is to deliver affordable motorcycles. Their bikes range from beginner-friendly models to more advanced options. Additionally, Tao places great emphasis on safety features for extra rider safety.

Other Chinese Brands

Isolated image of Apollo dirt bike in white background

There are other Chinese brands that produce dirt bikes. Some of these brands are increasingly gaining market dominance. A few others are not reliable because they break down fast. Some of the reliable brands include:

  • Apollo
  • GPX
  • Zongshen

These bikes are cheaper than the more popular brands. But the con to some of them is that their replacement parts are not readily available in the aftermarket.


Based on their performance, several brands are ranked among the best dirt bike brands. Toppers in this group include KTM, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Husqvarna. These top brands offer different models for their customers. They serve different skill levels and purposes.

It’s important to note the KTM acquired Husqvarna and Gasgas brands so they share common parts and frame. From pricing perspective, Husqvarna is positioned as more premium brand, so may cost a bit more than a KTM. Gasgas is cheaper than both.

When it comes to maintenance, Japanese brands like Yamaha and Kawasaki are known for their durability. They also have relatively lower maintenance costs. The KTM and Husqvarna have higher maintenance costs. This is due to the premium components used. But these brands all have readily replaceable parts. This is due to their extensive dealership networks and global presence. 

Chinese brands do have a place in the dirt bike marketplace. Razor and SSR are popular alternatives for youth riders. They serve well for buyers with tight budget who want a short term fun bike.

For high performance, the KTM and Kawasaki are in close ranks. The KTM bests Kawasaki in speed. But when it comes to budget management, Kawasaki offers similar value for less money.

Common Question about Dirt Bike Brands

Which is the best dirt bike company?

Various factors will have to be considered to determine the best dirt bike company. These factors include riding style and needs. Personal preference and even the purpose of the bike can influence your choice. 

Honda, for instance, is renowned for their diverse lineup of off-road bikes. KTM is reputable for delivering speed and acceleration. In terms of overall performance and durability, the Kawasaki and Yamaha are in close ranks.

What is the most reliable dirt bike brand?

Among dirt bike users, many maintain that Yamaha is the most reliable dirt bike brand. This is mostly due to their reliable performance.  But, reliability also depends on what you demand from your bike. When it comes to technological improvements to their bikes, KTM takes the lead.

What is the best dirt bike ever made?

The Yamaha PeeWee might just be the best dirt bike ever made. The Yamaha PW50 has been the backbone on which most motocross champions and icons rested. Most of the who-is-who in the dirt biking world started dirt bike riding on the back of the PW50.

What dirt bike brand has the most wins?

The bike with the most wins depends on the racing event and/or dirt bike class you are using. When it comes to the AMA National Championships, Kawasaki has the most AMA wins.