How Much is a Dirt Bike? [2023 Price List]

Riding a dirt bike is fun. Finding a bike that fits your budget – not so much fun? That requires some research. But how much does a dirt bike cost? The price of a dirt bike varies with the brand, model, and even the type of bike.

Man on motocross jumping off his dirt bike

A beginner-level bike usually costs between $3,000 to $3,500. A bike for intermediate skill level riders has a price range tethering around $8,000 – $10,000. But, advanced riders can expect to shell out between $9,200 to $10,000 for a powerful bike.

All these levels of skilled riders can find different bikes for different purposes. Trail bikes, for instance, are best suited for beginner riders. They are more forgiving of the mistakes that new riders are prone to make. 

But, motocross bikes are for racing on closed tracks with jumps and obstacles. Enduro bikes are hybrids of trail and motocross bikes. They can take on off-road riding like trail bikes. They can also navigate varying terrains like motocross bikes. This article will answer the question, ‘How much do dirt bikes cost?’ by their engine sizes.

EnginePrice Range
50cc$1,500 to $5,000
65cc$4,000 to $5,700
85cc$4,500 to $6,900
110cc$2,300 to $2600
125cc$3,300 to $10,500
250cc$7,900 to $11,700
450cc$8,800 to $12,300

Average Price Range of Dirt Bikes by their Engine Size

Man jumping off his dirt bike in the trail

Dirt bikes come in different sizes. A common way of classifying these sizes is by the size of their engines. The cost of a dirt bike varies based on the size of its engines. Smaller-sized engines tend to cost less than bikes of bigger engine sizes.

How much are dirt bikes? Let’s find out.

How Much Does a 50cc Dirt Bike Cost?

The 50cc dirt bike is one of the smallest dirt bikes available. They are for kids usually between the ages of 3-7 years, except for the Beta, Reiju, and Sherco brands. 

“I started motocross on a PW50”.

Michael Staufer – KTM’s lead R&D test rider

Without surprise, the popular dirt bike price Yamaha and Honda are the cheapest in this class. 

BrandDirt Bike Model2023 Price (USD)Type of Bike
KTM50 SX$4,699Motocross
KTMKTM 50 SX Mini$4,199Motocross
GasGasMC 50$4,599Motocross
HusqvarnaTC 50$4, 799Motocross
CobraCX50SRX KING$4,815Motocross
BetaRR 2T 50$2,890Enduro
TMNot ManufacturedNot ManufacturedNot Manufactured
RiejuMRT 50 Pro$4,113Supermoto
SHERCO50 SM-R Factory$3,200Enduro,

How Much Does a 65cc Dirt Bike Cost?

Bikes in the 65cc class are suitable for young riders aged 7-12 years. Kids within this age bracket can take part in motocross races on small tracks. With the power generated by the 65cc dirt bike engine, they will learn to take tight turns and make jumps.

BrandDirt Bike Model2023 Price (USD)Type of Bike
KTM65 SX$5,499Motocross
GasGasMC 65$5,299Motocross
HusqvarnaTC 65$5,599Motocross
HondaNot ManufacturedNot ManufacturedNot Manufactured
SuzukiNot ManufacturedNot ManufacturedNot Manufactured
BetaNot ManufacturedNot ManufacturedNot Manufactured
TMNot ManufacturedNot ManufacturedNot Manufactured
RiejuNot ManufacturedNot ManufacturedNot Manufactured
SHERCONot ManufacturedNot ManufacturedNot Manufactured

How Much Does an 85cc Dirt Bike Cost?

Isolated image of KTM SX 19/16 in black background

The 85cc dirt bike can be used for motocross racing or off-road riding. Its functionality depends on the model and even the brand. Riders aged 9-15 years old can ride bikes in this class. They are nimble, lightweight, and ideal for intermediate-skilled riders.

BrandDirt Bike Model2023 Price (USD)Type of Bike
KTM85 SX 19/16$6,849Motocross
KTM85 SX 17/14$6,549Motocross
GasGasMC 85 19/16$6,449Motocross
GasGasMC 85 17/14$6,249Motocross
HusqvarnaTC 85 19/16$5,699Motocross
HusqvarnaTC 85 17/14$6,749Motocross
HondaCR85 (Discontinued)N/ATrail
CobraNot ManufacturedNot ManufacturedNot Manufactured
BetaEvo 80 SR$4,999Trail
TMSMX 85 2T Junior$6,895Motocross
RiejuNot ManufacturedNot ManufacturedNot Manufactured
SHERCONot ManufacturedNot ManufacturedNot Manufactured

How Much Does a 110cc Dirt Bike Cost?

The 85cc bikes are powerful and usually come in 2-stroke engines. So, some young riders cannot handle the power from them. This group of riders will find great use in the 110cc bike class. 

They are more advanced than the 65cc bikes but carry less power than the 85cc bikes. Thus, the young riders will be less prone to accidents due to high speed. Especially when on trail riding and off-roading.

BrandDirt Bike Model2023 Price (USD)Type of Bike
KTMNot ManufacturedNot ManufacturedNot Manufactured
GasGasNot ManufacturedNot ManufacturedNot Manufactured
HusqvarnaNot ManufacturedNot ManufacturedNot Manufactured
SuzukiNot ManufacturedNot ManufacturedNot Manufactured
KawasakiKLX 110R$2,649Trail
CobraNot ManufacturedNot ManufacturedNot Manufactured
BetaNot ManufacturedNot ManufacturedNot Manufactured
TMNot ManufacturedNot ManufacturedNot Manufactured
RiejuNot ManufacturedNot ManufacturedNot Manufactured
SHERCONot ManufacturedNot ManufacturedNot Manufactured

How Much Does a 125cc Dirt Bike Cost?

Isolated image of Husqvarna TC 125 Heritage dirt bike in yellow background

The 125cc dirt bikes are versatile. They fit most age groups and have multiple purposes. Riders aged 14 and above can ride a 125cc dirt bike. They can be used for motocross racing and off-roading or even in trail riding like the X-Pro 125cc dirt bike.

BrandDirt Bike Model2023 Price (USD)Type of Bike
KTM125 SX$7,949Motocross
KTM125 XC$8,249Enduro
GasGasMC 125$7,349Motocross
HusqvarnaTC 125 Heritage$8,149.00Motocross
HusqvarnaTC 125$8,049.00Motocross
HondaCRF 125F$3,399Trail
HondaCRF125F – Big Wheel$3,799Trail
KawasakiNot ManufacturedNot ManufacturedNot Manufactured
RiejuMRT 125LC$5,973Enduro
SHERCO125 2T SE-RS Factory$9,799Enduro

How Much Does a 250cc Dirt Bike Cost?

With a 250cc dirt bike, you can expect power and agility. They are suitable for intermediate-skill riders. Riders aged 16 years and above can handle this bike with confidence. But some riders aged 14-15 years can ride them if they have the height and body weight. The 250cc dirt bike price is:

BrandDirt Bike Model2023 Price (USD)Type of Bike
KTM250 XC-W$10,799Enduro
GasGasMC 250$8,349Motocross
HusqvarnaFC 250$10,099.00Motocross
CobraNot ManufacturedNot ManufacturedNot Manufactured
TM250 ES$10,295Motocross
RiejuMR250 PRO$10,499Enduro
SHERCO250SE FACTORY$11,699Enduro

How Much Does a 450cc Dirt Bike Cost?

Isolated image of Husqvarna FC 450 dirt bike in pastel background

450cc dirt bikes are not for beginners. They are big and powerful. Only riders aged 16 and above can race them according to the AMA rule book. These bikes feature a lot in professional racing events ridden by professional riders.

BrandDirt Bike Model2023 Price (USD)Type of Bike
KTM450 SX-F$10,899Motocross
KTMKTM 450 XC-F$11,649Enduro
KTMKTM 450 XCF-W$11,649Enduro
GasGasMC 450F$10,199Motocross
GasGasMC 450F Troy Lee Designs$11,699Motocross
GasGasMC 450F Factory Edition$12,099Motocross
HusqvarnaFC 450$10,999Motocross
HusqvarnaFE 450$11,749.00Enduro
HusqvarnaFE 450 Heritage$11,849.00Enduro
HondaCRF 450R-S$8,799Motocross
KawasakiKX 450 SR$12,699Motocross
YamahaYZ450F Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition$10,099Motocross
CobraNot ManufacturedNot ManufacturedNot Manufactured
Beta430 RR-S$11,699Dual Sport
TMTM 450Fi ES$11,695Motocross
RiejuNot ManufacturedNot ManufacturedNot Manufactured
SHERCO450 SEF Factory$12,299Enduro

Final Thoughts

The cost of a dirt bike can vary depending on several factors. These factors can influence your budget. They are the brand, model, engine size, and features of the bike. As shown in the 2023 price list, this cost can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousand dollars. 

You should also consider ongoing expenses when drawing up your budget. These ongoing expenses include maintenance and buying of safety gear. Compare prices among other brands as well. Finally, choose a bike that meets your riding needs and budget.


How much is a good dirt bike cost?

The cost of a good dirt bike depends on several determinants. These include the type of bike you want, and what models and features are you looking for. Some entry-level bikes can cost anything between $2,000 to $3,000. Some higher-end bikes have prices ranging from $8,000 to $12, 000.

How much is the cheapest dirt bike?

We don’t recommend buying cheapest dirt bikes, unless you okay with having it for a short time. For instance SSR Motorsports offers 50cc 2-stroke for $569. But, 50cc of all major brands that we listed above are priced between $1,699 and $4,799. SSR also offers bigger engine sizes from $2000.

Other than that, the cheapest dirt bikes are mostly used bikes. It’s better to buy a hardly used dirt bike if available than to buy a new but cheap brand. Here are some tips on buying used dirt bike…

How much is it to rent a dirt bike?

The cost of renting a dirt bike can be from $200 to $300 per day. This can depend on your location and the bike model you want to rent. Some rental companies also require a security deposit in case of damage to the bike. This can cost a few hundred dollars to the full cost of the bike.

Is riding dirt bikes expensive?

Riding a dirt bike can be expensive. The overall cost can add up fast. The initial cost of the bike and bike maintenance can make dirt bike riding expensive. The buying of safety gear is also not excluded from the list of expenses to make.

How much is a dirt bike for a 10-year-old or a 12-year-old?

A 10-year-old or 12-year-old kid can ride a 65cc, 110cc, or 125cc dirt bike. The price range for these bikes ranges from $3,000 to $8,000.

How much is a dirt bike for a 12-year-old or a 13-year-old?

A 12-year-old or 13-year-old kid can ride a 110cc or 125cc dirt bike. The price range for these bikes ranges from $4,000 to $8,000.

How much is a dirt bike for a 14-year-old or a 15-year-old?

A 14-year-old or 15-year-old kid can ride a 125cc dirt bike. This could be a 2-stroke engine bike or a 4-stroke bike. The type chosen should be dependent on the experience and the height of the youth. The price range for these bikes ranges from $5,000 to $8,000.

How much is a dirt bike for adults

Dirt bikes for adults typically cost between $5,000 to $12,000.

What age is a 450cc for? 

According to the AMA rule book, the minimum age to ride a 450cc bike is 16 years.