7 Recreational 110cc Dirt Bike Delight for Off-Road Fun!

In adrenaline-fueled adventures, few things match the experience of riding a dirt bike. The world of dirt bikes can often seem daunting. Especially with high-end models boasting sky-high price tags. But the 110cc dirt bikes have achieved balance between boundless possibilities and affordability. 

The 110cc dirt bikes cost $699-$2,649. Their top speeds range from 30 mph (48.2 km/h) to 50mph (80.5 km/h). The seat height of these bikes ranges from 24 in (610mm) to 29.9 in (760mm). These bikes’ typical weight hovers around 117 lbs (53.1kg) – 169 lbs (76.6kg).

Let’s delve beyond the basics to explore some great 110cc dirt bike in this article. You will also learn about their affordable options.

110cc Dirt Bikes for You

A couple of 110cc Dirt Bike arranged side by side on a trail
Honda CRF110F Dirt Bike with White color option

The 110cc dirt bikes are a good starting point for beginners who want to venture into off-road riding. Even adults have keyed into the 110cc dirt bike market, shopping for 110 pit bikes. What this bike class serves is unrivaled versatility.  

This bike is ideal for kids aged 7-12 years old. Although adults can perform some mods on these bikes to suit their heights. It is no secret that most of the best 50cc dirt bikes come with an automatic clutch. The 110cc bikes offer options of a bike with manual or automatic clutch.

Here are some of the best 110 dirt bike in 2023 you should check out:

1. Kawasaki KLX 110

Young rider riding on his Kawasaki KLX 110 dirt bike in the trail
KLX 110 Dirt bike

The Kawasaki KLX110 is a trail bike made for kids aged 7-12 years old. With a seat height of 26.8 inches, even the littlest riders can hop on and feel like a boss. For the speed demons, this bike clocks an impressive 50 mph (80.5 km/h). You can get this combination of power and agility at a fair price of $2,649.

Under the hood, this bike sports an air-cooled, 4-stroke engine. But the 4-stroke engine may have limitations over a 2-stroke in off-road riding.

The 2-stroke does have a little bit of traction deficit…but for extreme stuff, without a doubt, I would be on a 2-stroke.”

Cody Webb

Still, this engine has a 112cc engine displacement of pure muscle. With its electric start system, you spend more time riding and less of it fussing with kick-starts. On the plus side, you get the option of choosing between the manual or automatic clutch model.

But there are some cons to keep in mind. If you’re looking out to go all-out on extreme jumps, you may want to consider other options. This bike is not suitable for aggressive style riding. 

Also, while the price is reasonable, it is priced higher than competitors in the same class. If you’re looking to ride on a wide range of terrain, the ground clearance of 8.5 inches (216mm) KLX 110 offers will make your ride a blast.

2. Honda CRF 110

Young rider riding the Honda crf-110 dirt bike in the trail
Young rider riding the Honda crf-110 dirt bike in the trail

Second to the KLX 110 in popularity is the Honda CRF 110. This is not without good reason. The Honda dirt bike brand has distinguished itself as an authority in the off-road world. Their bikes are sturdy. They also integrate the latest technology into their products.

This is evident in the CRF110 with its fuel injection system. A much better option than using a carburetor common in other brands. The kicker to this model is that it’s perfect for both beginners and adults looking for a pit bike.

At a sweet deal of $2,599, you get a good balance of control and comfort. This is especially true since it has a seat height of 25.9 inches (658mm) and a top speed of 47 mph (75 km/h). The CRF 110 is powered by a 4-stroke engine. It starts with two options – an electric start and a backup Kickstarter.

While the CRF is easy to maintain and has an air-cooled engine, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. The frame of this bike is relatively fragile. This reduces its value as a used Honda 110 dirt bike.  Also, there’s no manual clutch option for adults who may want to ride this bike as a pit bike.

3. Yamaha TTR 110

Youth riding on his yamaha ttr 110 dirt bike in the trail
Youth riding on his yamaha ttr 110 dirt bike in the trail

The Yamaha TTR110 is your ticket to off-road excitement without breaking the bank. With a price tag of just $2,299, you can get in on the off-road action. Smaller riders aged 8-12 years can ride this bike as much as grown-ups too. Its seat height of 26.4 inches (671mm) is accommodating for a vast range of rider ages.

This 110cc, 4-stroke engine bike has got enough juice to steer up to a top speed of 49 mph (78.8 km/h). It is beginner-friendly and not boring for the more experienced riders. Also, there’s no more struggling with kick-starting. Its electric starter can get you going in a jiffy.

But keeping it real, there are some downsides to the TTR 110. It tends to overheat and the suspension is relatively basic. This means it’s not going to handle those bumps on paths very well. For its price, it’s a trade-off worth considering. Also, a factory purchase entitles you to a 90-day warranty.

4. SSR SR110

Young man riding on his ssr 110 dirt bike with trees on his side
Young rider riding on his ssr 110 dirt bike

The Chinese dirt bikes have grown in popularity. They now have a decent share of the dirt bike market. This is, in part, due to the affordability of most of their brands. The SSR is one such dirt bike brand. 

The SSR SR110 dirt bike model comes in at just $999. It’s perfect for the younger crowd with a seat height of 28 inches (711mm) and a top speed of 45mph (72 km/h). Adults can also ride them as pit bikes. This is provided they are within the 140 lbs (63.5kg) SSR 110 pit bike weight limit. This bike has a 4-stroke 107cc engine. 

The disc brakes are a major win. They provide better stopping power than those drum brakes you find on some pricier bikes. The potency of the engine is questionable though. But when it does work well, you can wring out enough power from it to handle the off-road trails. Also, watch out for the chain adjusters. They may need modification.

The scoop is the SSR does not hold its value too well. You may not make a fortune when you want to resell. But for the best value, maintain this bike regularly. Check the chain and clean the carburetor.

ModelCRF110 TTR 110KLX 110 SR 110
47 Mph
75 Km/h
49 Mph
78.8 Km/h
50 Mph
80.5 Km/h
45 Mph
72 Km/h
25.9 Inches (658 Mm)26.4 Inches (671 Mm)26.8 Inches (681 Mm)28 Inches
(711 Mm)
169 Lbs
(76.6 Kg)
159 Lbs (72.1 Kg)167.5 Lbs (75.9 Kg) 122 Lbs (55.3 Kg)
Kick starter

5. Apollo RFZ START

Another reliable Chinese brand is Apollo. The Apollo RFZ START is a 110cc, air-cooled bike. It has a seat height of 29.9 inches (760mm) and its weight is only 145.5 lbs (66kg). The Apollo RFZ START has both front and rear disc brakes. This provides sufficient stopping power to its 46 mph (74 km/h).

6. Taotao DB10

The Taotao DB10 dirt bike may not be the most powerful in the market. But its 107cc, 4-stroke engine offers a decent amount of fun and excitement to riders. It has a seat height of 26 inches (660mm). This is not too high for kids nor too low for adults who wish to ride this pit bike.

At a top speed of 30mph (48.2 km/h), it gives a moderate pace for an enjoyable ride. The set-up of the DB10 is the uniqueness of its brakes. It sports a rear drum brake alongside a front disc brake. While this combination of braking systems ensures safety, the rear tires often do not get enough traction.

7. Coolster QG-213A

At the heart of the Coolster QG-123 A is a robust, 4-stroke engine. It has the luxury of offering a good balance of performance and fuel efficiency. These bikes use drum brakes and have an electric start system. With their automatic clutch, kids can gain control of their bikes. Especially if they have not mastered the use of a manual clutch. The QG-213A is a motocross bike.

BrakeDisc (Front)
Drum (Rear)
30 Mph
48.2 Km/h
46 Mph
74 Km/h
40 Mph
64.4 Km/h
26 Inches
660 Mm
29.9 Inches
760 Mm
24 Inches
610 Mm
117 Lbs
53.1 Kg
145.5 Lbs
66 Kg
154.3 Lbs
70 Kg
Kick starter

New vs Used 110cc Dirt Bike

Like with most dirt bikes of other classes, you may be caught between going for a new or used dirt bike. Both choices have their attendant merits and demerits. With a new bike, you are assured of:

Optimal performance

You do not stand the risk of breakdowns and/or mechanical issues.

2 men jumping off their dirt bike in the trail

Warranty protection

Most new bikes come with a manufacturer’s warranty. If the bike develops any fault within this period, you can get a replacement. Or you may have it fixed at no extra cost to you.


When you get a new bike, you can choose certain accessories that suit your preferences. This further personalizes your riding experience.

But the cost of new bikes can be hefty. If budget is a significant factor for you, you may need to opt for a used 110cc dirt bike.

Fortunately, used 110cc dirt bikes are a viable option in the dirt bike market. They offer the following advantages:

  • Affordability
  • Variety. This is especially the case when shopping for older models. 

But like the new bikes, you may have to deal with the ugly side of the deal price. The condition of the bike may be deplorable. You may not notice this until you’ve made the purchase. At this point, you may be unable to get a refund. 

This rolls into the absence of a warranty common when buying used 110cc dirt bikes. You will bear the cost of any repair necessary. Also, the 110cc dirt bikes price points are low. When you want to resell, you may be unable to recoup a significant part of the bike’s initial cost price.


Man in full gear jumping off his 110cc dirt bike in the trail

The 110cc dirt bike has loads of options available. Some bikes come with electric starters. Others have Kickstarters. The KLX110 is the most popular by potential buyers followed by the Honda CRF110. But these brands are expensive and users may be on a tight budget. The cheaper Chinese brands fill in this market space for off-roaders on a budget. But you may want to consider the reliability and buyer’s protection policy before buying one.


How fast does a 110cc dirt bike go?

A 110cc dirt bike can go as fast as 30mph (48.2 km/h) to 50mph (80.5 km/h).

Is a 110 a good starter bike?

Yes, a 110cc bike can be a good starter due to its manageable power.

What age is a 110cc pit bike for?

A 110cc pit bike is typically for kids aged 7-12 years old. But an adult can ride one depending on their height and weight.

What size dirt bike should a 13 year old have?

A 13-year-old can ride a dirt bike with an engine size from 65cc to 125cc.

Can a 13 year old ride a 110cc dirt bike?

Yes, a 13-year-old can ride a 110cc dirt bike.

How much is a 110cc dirt bike?

The price of a 110cc dirt bike varies depending on the brand and the model. But the price typically ranges from $699 to $2,649.