YCF Pit Bike: Unstoppable Fun Without Breaking the Bank

The pit bike market is saturated with a wide range of options. Thus, it can be overwhelming to make a great choice. When you’re on a budget, you are torn between affordability and top-notch performance. Well, the YCF pit bike lineup is the bridge between this dilemma.

The YCF pit bike offers a range of options from the 50cc up to the 150cc engine class. Notable among these are the YCF 50A and the 110cc engine class that comes in 3 models. Founded by Yannick Coquard, a National Pro Motocross racer, this French legend has poured his passion into producing affordable and quality pit bikes. 

Joined by Dimitri Bera in 2004, a high level French technician who lives in China to oversee all developments, they have built a good reputation for reliability. These bikes are suitable whether you’re just dipping your toes in the dirt or a seasoned rider. YCF pit bikes deliver heart-pounding rides. Let’s check out some of the cool models in their lineup.

YCF Pit Bike Lineup

Young man riding YCF Pit Bike

When it comes to pit bikes for off-road adventures, YCF bikes might not be as well-known. Especially, like the big Japanese brand, Honda pit bike. But let me tell you, among those in the know, YCF is like a household name. They provide top-tier quality and trail-riding thrills without breaking the bank.

Sure, you might be surprised to learn that YCF is a French brand. But here’s the thing: their manufacturing factory is located in China. This is why some people mistake them for a Chinese brand. But don’t let that fool you. YCF is far from your average cheap brand like the SSR pit bike.

They pride themselves on delivering high-quality products. They handle the rough and tumble of off-road riding. From durability to performance, YCF pit bikes pack a punch. So, if you’re looking for a pit bike that offers fantastic value for your hard-earned cash, YCF is the name to remember.

Overview of YCF’s Pit Bike Models

Each YCF pit bike model is meticulously constructed. Their designs provide a fine blend of performance, durability, and user-friendly features. They are available in different engine sizes to suit your skill level.

Here are the pit bikes in the YCF lineup and their features:


The YCF 50A is perfect for newbies who are just getting started. It has a 50cc engine that’s easy to fire up with its electric start. With its low seat height and lightweight build, you can expect young riders to find the handling easy.

Key features and specifications


  • Electric starter
  • Adjustable throttle
  • Waterproof key contactor
  • Fast battery charging


Engine50cc, air-cooled, four-stroke
Front Suspension530mm UPSD fork
Rear Suspension230mm rear suspension
BrakeHydraulic brake system
Tire (Front and Rear)2.50/10 and 2.50/10
Seat Height21.7 inches (550mm)
Weight92.6 lbs (42kg)

Trail riding capabilities

This YCF 50 bike has a semi-automatic transmission. With this, you can spend less time worrying about shifting gears. Although this bike is heavier than some in the same engine class, it handles well in the hands of young riders.

Isolated image of YCF Pit Bike 50A in purple background


If you’ve outgrown the smaller bikes and want something with a bit more oomph, the YCF 88 is a great choice. The START F88SE brings some serious power to the table. Its mighty 88cc engine cranks up the excitement.

Key features and specifications


  • Shorter gear shift
  • Composite front sprocket cover
  • Waterproof start button
  • Electric starter


Engine88cc, four-stroke
Front Suspension60mm USPD fork
Rear Suspension265mm adjustable rear suspension
BrakeHydraulic brake system
Tire (Front and Rear)60/100-12 – 300/10
Seat Height28.3 inches (720mm)
Weight143.3 lbs (65kg)

Trail riding capabilities

The pit bike YCF 88cc incorporates an adjustable suspension system and hydraulic disc brakes. These durable components can withstand the demands of off-road riding.

YCF 110: LITE F110

Isolate image of YCF Pit Bike LITE F110 in orange background

If you’re an intermediate-level rider, the LITE F110 is the king of the lineup. It’s got a powerful 110cc engine and a manual clutch. 

Key features and specifications


  • Manual clutch
  • Upper clamp 3 positions bar mount
  • Adjustable throttle
  • Skid plate

Trail riding capabilities

The LITE F110 has a 4-speed transmission for ultimate control. With its top-notch components, this bike is built to handle off-road adventures.


The LITE F110R SE is a standout model in the YCF pit bike lineup. It gives an exhilarating riding experience to riders. With its performance-oriented design, the LITE F110R SE is a force to be reckoned with. 

At the heart of the LITE F110R SE beats a punchy 110cc engine. This delivers a powerful and responsive performance on the track.

Key features and specifications


  • Aluminum rim
  • Electric starter
  • Semi-automatic
  • Inox footpegs

Trail riding capabilities

The semi-automatic transmission of LITE F110R SE allows riders to unleash the full potential of the engine. This is without much manual labor. It provides precise control over gear shifts and acceleration.


The LITE F110R is another impressive pit bike model in the 110cc class offered by YCF. It offers thrilling off-road experiences. All the while, maintaining a lightweight and nimble profile.

Key features and specifications


  • Powerful 110cc engine
  • DNM shock absorber
  • Aluminum rim
  • Aluminum handlebar

Trail riding capabilities

As the name suggests, the LITE F110R is built with a focus on being lightweight and maneuverable. Its compact frame and components contribute to its excellent agility on trails. This allows riders to easily navigate tight corners and challenging terrain.

Comparison Table between LITE F110, LITE F110R SE, and LITE F110R

Among the YCF 110 pit bike models, the LITE F110 is the base model in the lineup. It has features that make it suitable for riders of various skill levels. The LITE F110R is the premium version of the LITE F110. It comes with enhanced performance and features compared to the base model. 

The LITE F110R SE is a special edition version of the LITE F110R. It typically comes with unique styling and color schemes.

Engine110cc, 4-stroke110cc, 4-stroke110cc, 4-stroke
Transmission4-speed, Manual clutch4-speed, Semi-automatic4-speed, Manual clutch
Front Suspension650mm fork650mm fork650mm fork
Rear Suspension270mm rear suspension270mm Mono shock absorber270mm DNM shock absorber
Seat Height29.5 inches (750mm)29.5 inches (750mm)29.5 inches (750mm)
Dimension (L)62.6 inches (1590mm)62.6 inches (1590mm)62.6 inches (1590mm)
Weight138.9 lbs (63kg)138.9 lbs (63kg)138.9 lbs (63kg)


Prepare to enter the big leagues with the START F125E. This midsize machine is a hit among amateurs and pros alike. With its gutsy YCF 125 engine and manual clutch, you’re in control of the ride.

Key features and specifications


  • Electric starter
  • Adjustable throttle
  • Semi-automatic
  • Low seat height


Engine125cc, four-stroke
Transmission4 gears with automatic clutch
Front Suspension660mm UPSD fork
Rear Suspension270mm Adjustable rear suspension
BrakeHydraulic brake system
Tire (Front and Rear)60/100/14 – 80/100/12
Seat Height30.1 inches (765mm)
Weight152.1 lbs (69kg)

Trail riding capabilities

The YCF F125SE is designed to tackle rough terrain like a champ. Also, the adjustable suspension lets you dial in that perfect setup.

YCF 150: PILOT F150E

Man riding on his YCF Pitt Bike in the trail

Ready to step up your riding game? The YCF PILOT F150E is for riders who want more power and performance. Its 150cc engine and beefed-up suspension can handle some serious action off-road.

Key features and specifications


  • Electric starter
  • Air box
  • Upper clamp 3 positions bar mount
  • Powerful four-stroke engine


Engine150cc, four-stroke
Front Suspension735mm USPD fork
Rear Suspension330mm adjustable rear suspension
BrakeHydraulic brake system
Tire (Front and Rear)60/100/14 – 80/100/12
Seat Height31.1 inches (790mm)
Weight154.,3 lbs (70kg)

Trail riding capability

The YCF 150 pit bike excels in trail riding. It offers impressive capabilities on various off-road terrains. Its powerful 150cc engine allows riders to conquer trails with ease. This is in combination with the durable construction and reliable suspension.

Advantages of YCF Pit Bikes

The YCF pit bikes offer many advantages. They include:

Reliability and durability

YCF pit bikes are built tough and strong. They are made to handle rough off-road adventures without breaking a sweat. These bikes ensure you have a reliable companion on the trails. 

They are made with top-notch materials and sturdy components. YCF bikes can handle a little aggressive style riding.

“… YCF has gone against the grain to make a Chinese product that doesn’t fall apart after the first ride.” 

An independent YCF pit bike review

Easy maintenance

Pit bike YCF is a breeze to maintain. With user-friendly designs and accessible parts, keeping your bike in top shape is a piece of cake. Just carry out quick oil changes and simple chain adjustments.

User-friendly features

YCF pit bikes are designed with your comfort in mind. They boast features that enhance your riding experience. These features include adjustable suspension, ergonomic handlebars, and comfy seating positions. These thoughtful touches make it easier to control the bike

Suitable for beginners and experienced riders

YCF pit bikes cater to riders of all levels. If you’re new to off-roading, these bikes provide a manageable amount of power. Their forgiving handling characteristics allow you to grow your skills at your own pace. 

For experienced riders, YCF pit bikes offer responsiveness and agility. They also have the capability needed to pull off impressive maneuvers.

Versatility for various terrains and trail riding experiences

YCF pit bikes are incredibly versatile. They are built to handle a wide range of terrains and trail riding experiences. No matter where you ride, YCF pit bikes can adapt and provide an exciting experience.

Where to Find YCF Pit Bikes

Person's hand holding a card with laptop in front

Ready to buy yourself a YCF pit bike? Even though they are made in China, you can find these bikes in many places. These places include:

YCF dealerships and authorized sellers

Visit YCF’s official website and look for their list of authorized dealerships. There’s a “Find a Dealer” button on the YCF official website. Clicking on this will lead you to the “Dealer Locator” feature on a different page. It allows you to search for dealerships near your location. 

Online platforms and websites

Several popular e-commerce platforms feature YCF pit bikes. Websites like Amazon often have listings for YCF pit bikes from authorized sellers. While you may not find a YCF bike on eBay, you can get their parts readily from there. 

Tips for purchasing a YCF Pit Bike

When purchasing a YCF pit bike, here are some tips to help you make an informed decision:

  • Research the model you want 
  • Set a budget
  • Buy from authorized sellers or dealers
  • Consider warranty options 


YCF pit bikes offer a compelling combination of affordability, quality, and performance. YCF pit bikes offer a comprehensive lineup to suit the diverse needs and preferences of riders worldwide. With various models, these bikes are suitable for beginners and experienced riders.

You can find them through authorized dealerships, online platforms, and websites. With a YCF pit bike, you can experience trail fun without compromising your budget or the quality of your riding experience.

Common Questions About YCF Pit Bike

What is a YCF pit bike?

A YCF pit bike is a small-sized off-road bike made for pit riding around motocross tracks or other racing events. They are compact and lightweight. This allows them to be used in maneuvering tight spaces as is typical in the racing events they are used for.

Are YCF bikes good?

YCF bikes are generally well-regarded for their craftsmanship and performance. They are also budget-friendly. 

Depending on what you want, YCF bikes can be good. If you want a decent quality bike that’s also affordable, then YCF bikes are a great choice.

Is YCF a Chinese brand?

YCF is a company founded by a National Pro Motocross racer and a French technician who resides in China. The company’s factory, research and development department are in China.

Where are YCF pit bikes made?

YCF pit bikes are made in China. YCF Motorcycles has its headquarters and production facilities in China.