65cc Dirt Bike – Consider These 6 MX Bikes [2023]

Motocross racing is one of the favorites of racing adventure seekers. The thrill that comes with off-road racing is what the 65cc dirt bike brings. These bikes are so nimble they can handle a variety of terrains with ease.

A 65cc dirt bike with 2 stroke engine fires up to deliver great acceleration and high speed. Expect these bikes to shoot forward like a bullet with a flick of the throttle. This is especially so if they come with high-quality components. A 65 dirt bike automatic (gears without a clutch) is rare. So, these motocross bikes are usually the young rider’s introduction to the manual clutch.

If you’re in the market for a 65cc dirt bike top speed one, you will find 6 popular brand names that we discuss. They are designed for motocross racing, but can also be leisure bikes. They all have varying performance and handling. So, let’s explore the 2023 top brands in the 65cc mx bike category.

The Name Brands – 65cc Dirt Bike

The 65 dirt bike is capable of impressive power. They can also accommodate a lot of riding styles regardless of the trail you ride on. From the rocky grounds to the dunes, you can count on these motocross minis to conquer. But their capabilities vary with different brands and models. 

Here are some of the top performers in the dirt bike 65 cc class:

1. KTM 65 SX

A Guide to the KTM 65 Seat Height for Young Riders. On a motocross track riding his dirt bike.
A Guide to the KTM 65 Seat Height for Young Riders. On a motocross track riding his dirt bike.

The KTM 65 SX suspension system is the stuff of legend. Its WP suspension system is superior. It accounts for its unmatched stability and control on racing trails. This enhances the riding experience. Experienced young riders can pull off a wheelie on this bike without losing balance. On landing of a track hill or a jump, the rear shock absorbs all impact to ensure a smooth ride.

As for its engine, only a few 2-stroke engines can generate the amount of torque and power the KTM 65 seat height does. The KTM 65 SX is more suited for taller riders with intermediate skill levels. It stands at a towering height of 750mm (29.5 inches). This seat height is adjustable like the suspension. This makes it easier for riders to customize their bikes to their preference.

But, the features and performance of this bike come at a rather hefty price. Retailing at a base MSRP of $5,499, this bike is quite pricey. Still, a few users have attested to the quality of parts and performance. The only snag is the cost of getting replacement parts in the aftermarket. But they still consider it great value for money if you are serious about winning a race. This is true especially because the 65SX can gain up to a top speed of 60mph.

2. Kawasaki KX 65cc Dirt Bike

Young rider on a motocross track jumping off his Kawasaki kx65 dirt bike with beautiful blue sky.
Young rider on a motocross track jumping off his Kawasaki kx65 dirt bike with beautiful blue sky.

Speaking of agility and toughness, you get this Japanese wonder — the Kawasaki KX65. Very few bikes can get the perfect combination of a fierce look with delicate decals. But the Kawasaki pulls this off in a vibrant lime green color.

This trail monster isn’t all about the pretty looks though. Its 6-speed transmission provides an adequate mechanism to shift gears. This is a timely feature. This is considering the young riders are still mastering their gear-shifting skills. Still, on its capabilities, the KX65 can muster a top speed of 51mph. This is not too fast to overwhelm a beginner nor too slow to bore them. 

The KX 65’s 60 kg lightweight frame is supported by a sturdy steel semi-double cradle frame. While this is heavier than a few other bikes in this class, it is not menacing to scare away young riders. Also, for its great value for money, this bike is a steal. It combines agility, performance, and affordability at a base MSRP of $3,999.

3. Yamaha YZ 65

Kid jumping the yamaha yz 65 dirt bike in the trail with beautiful blue sky background
Kid jumping the yamaha yz 65 dirt bike in the trail with beautiful blue sky background.

Steep climbs and flawless descent are the capabilities of the Yamaha YZ 65. Yet another Japanese machine, this small displacement engine is capable of incredible torque. The KYB adjustable suspension system fine-tunes the bike’s handling. This complements its easy clutch pull. This suspension system also has a longer travel time than the KX 65.

But there is more to the YZ 65cc dirt bike. At a comfortable seat height of 750mm (29.5 inches), young riders between 7-12 years can ride it. This bike is especially great for beginner riders as the top speed is only 49 mph. This is less speed than other bikes in this class can reach. Performance is further enhanced with the superb hydraulic, disc brakes on the YZ65. The brakes supply enough braking power while the ergonomic handlebar allows a good grip to prevent slips.

The Yamaha YZ 65 costs $4,799. It is a fair price considering its resale value and keep quality. It’s pretty easy to maintain with available parts. But it can be challenging to find dealers in some regions.

4. GasGas MC65

Young rider on a motocross track jumping off his Gasgas 65 dirt bike
Young rider on a motocross track jumping off his Gasgas 65 dirt bike.

The GasGas MC65’s red hot on the dirt road and the racing trails. The stylish, physical appearance of this bike makes it stand out on the trails. But this is not the most outstanding of its features. Comfortability stands at the fore of the MC65 design. This is evident in the construction of the ODI grips. They are durable as they are firm. They allow riders to handle their bikes in a variety of riding styles.

One can argue that the MC65 is an affordable version of the KTM 65 SX. They wouldn’t be mistaken as both bikes share similar features. Features like the adjustable WP suspension system. Even though their suspension system is the same, their performances vary. The GasGas 65 costs $5,299 and is 750mm (29.5 inches) tall. This seat height is not adjustable. But, it is comfortable enough to allow the bike to surge forward at a top speed of 50mph.

5. Cobra CX65

Young rider on a motocross track jumping off his cobra 65 dirt bike
Young rider on a motocross track jumping off his cobra 65 dirt bike.

The Cobra CX65 is a high-performance motocross bike suitable for experienced riders. It is not an ideal ride for beginners. The Cobra 65 dirt bike is a product of the US. One thing you can bank on when getting a Cobra CX65 is its uniqueness. 

Its components are custom-made, unlike other bikes with standard parts saturating the market. For instance, the disc brakes on the CX65 are a Cobra Advanced Racing Development product. Yet, it comes at a fair price of $5,719. Cobra CX65 also holds the record as the 65cc bike with the tallest seat height at 762mm (30 inches).

This bike has a top speed of 60mph and has great power. So, it is not recommended for inexperienced riders. Also, the clutch lever can be hard to pull. This poses a challenge for beginner riders with little arm strength. But a hard clutch can be modified to become lighter. The 6-speed gearbox is ideal for its optimal utility in high-stakes races.

6. Husqvarna TC65

Young rider on a motocross track jumping off his Husqvarna 65 dirt bike
Young rider on a motocross track jumping off his Husqvarna 65 dirt bike.

The Husqvarna 65 is not as popular as the other bikes. But this doesn’t mean it has no excellent qualities of its own. It has inspired such loyalty among its users that they call it ‘The Husk’. The Husk is a lightweight bike with quality chassis. Its engine can grind out an impressive 50 mph top speed. The 6-speed transmission is anchored to a hydraulic clutch. It contributes to the bike’s responsiveness.

The Husqvarna 65cc dirt bike may not have much efficiency by way of rebound damping. This is because the damping is concentrated on one side. Yet, it comes close to the superiority of the KTM 65. Little wonder many riders still go for it at the $5,599 cost price.

GasGas MC65Cobra CX65
BrakeDisc brakeDisc brakeDisc brakeDisc brakeDisc brakeDisc brake
Top Speed60 mph50 mph49 mph51 mph50 mph60 mph
Seat Height29.5 inches
29.5 inches
29.5 inches
29.5 inches
29.5 inches
30 inches
Dry Weight53kg (116.8 lbs)53kg (116.8 lbs)61kg (134.5 lbs)60kg (132.3 lbs)53kg (116.8 lbs)53kg (117 lbs)
2023 Price$5,499$5,599$4,799$3,999$5,299$5,719
Quick reference table to compare the top 65cc dirt bike brand

New vs Used 65cc Dirt Bike

Young man riding around on his dirtbike doing tricks and getting dirty

Dirt bikes can be pricey. This leaves a lot of buyers trying to decide whether to go for new bikes or used 65cc dirt bike for sale. Several pros and cons exist between these options. The major con to buying a new bike is the relatively high cost. New bikes are also not a recommended choice for beginner riders. The performance of a new bike is still super efficient.

But if you are on a budget, you will enjoy the great offers that abound in the used dirt bike 65cc market. While new bikes usually come with a manufacturer warranty, this doesn’t apply to used bikes. Also, if you need a bike for recreational purposes alone, you may want to stick to getting a used bike. 

Another factor is that used bikes may be modified from their original specifications. This may play right into your needs or you may have to readjust these features to your preference. Not to mention the risk of getting a bike with mechanical and electrical faults. Ideally, the perfect used bike would be a very recent model only ridden only on the trails. Finally, the choice between a new or used bike lies on your budget and preferences.

Here’s a table on the overall top 3 in the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship. This is for the 65cc (7-9) class in the last 3 years:

1st Place (Winner and Bike)Sawyer Gieck, KTMElliot Bowsher, GasGasGAGE DUNHAM, KTM
2nd Place (Winner and Bike)Alex Campigli, GasGasColt Martin,WYATT THURMAN, Yamaha
3rd Place (Winner and Bike)Kayky De Pinho, KTMBraxtyn Mes, DARREN PINE, Cobra
Source: Resultsmx.com, Racerxonline.com

Final Thoughts

65cc Dirt Bike - Google search trends for last 5 years
Google searches performed over last 5 years for 65cc Dirt Bike (Source: Google search trends)

These bikes discussed are the best-performing 65cc motocross bikes of 2023. Among users and even online searchers, the Austrian KTM SX 65 is the most popular. This is closely followed by the Japan-made Kawasaki KX65 and then by Yamaha YZ65 the Husqvarna TC65. GasGas MC65 and American Cobra CX65 ranked lower in popularity – both resulted with flat lines.

These 6 bikes are all high-performance bikes with nimble frames. Unlike the 50cc dirt bike category that offers a mix of 2-stroke or 4-stroke trail bikes, 65cc dirt bikes are 2-stroke mx bikes. Their powerful 2-stroke engines are favorites of veteran riders. They prefer the raw power it generates to the more mellow 4-stroke engines. They can be noisy too. But despite these similarities, your choice should reflect your preference.


What is the best 65cc motocross bike?

The 65cc motocross bike depends on your personal preference and riding style. It could also depend on value for money. The availability of replacement parts in the aftermarket also counts. But, the 65cc dirt bike KTM SX 65 and Kawasaki KX 65 are currently popular choices among riders.

What is the fastest 65cc dirt bike?

The fastest 65cc dirt bike can vary based on terrain and rider expertise. But the top 2 contenders for top speed based on test runs are the KTM SX 65 and the Kawasaki KX 65. They have top speeds of 60mph and 51mph, respectively.

What age is a 65cc dirt bike for?

The 65cc dirt bike class is primarily for young riders aged 7 to 12 years.

Who all makes a 65cc dirt bike?

Several motorcycle manufacturers make 65cc dirt bikes. These brands include KTM, Cobra, GasGas, Kawasaki, Husqvarna, and Yamaha. But, Honda and Suzuki discontinued their 65cc dirt bike production some years ago.

Did Honda ever make a 65cc dirt bike?

Yes, Honda made a 65cc dirt bike. But the last 65cc dirt bike Honda, the S65 was manufactured in the 60s. Honda does not currently manufacture 65cc dirt bikes.

How fast do 65 dirt bikes go?

The average speed of 65 dirt bikes is between 50mph to 60mph.

Does a 65cc dirt bike have gears?

Yes, a 65cc dirt bike usually has gears.

How old do you have to be to race a 65?

The age requirement to race a 65 varies depending on the race and location. But this age bracket is typically between 7 to 12 years.

How big is a KX65?

KX65 is one of the biggest in the 65cc dirt bike class. It has a seat height of 29.9 inches (760mm) with a dry weight of 132.3 lbs (60kg).

How big is a KTM 65? 

The KTM 65 has a seat height of 29.5 inches (750mm).