GasGas 85 Dirt Bike: Blazing The Tracks

One exciting outdoor adventures like riding dirtbikes is discovering bikes that handle well. Like many beginner-friendly bikes, gasgas 85 was designed for newbies or young riders. The aim of the MC85 is to slowly transition learners into more powerful motocross dirt bikes.

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Since gasgas 85 is meant for younger riders, it is lightweight, but that doesn’t stop its high performance. Having a seat height of 35 inches and top speed of 65 mph (105 km/h). This dirt bike is suitable for youngsters of ages 7 to 12. In addition, it is meant for motocross racing and riding on offroad tracks, so you can enjoy all your offroad activities.

Gas gas 85 or the MC85 has different models. There is the Gasgas MC 85 and Gasgas MC 85 Big Wheel. With the big wheel model featuring larger wheels, improved stability, and ground clearance. Lastly, this dirt bike is often available in red. This bike holds promising features and motocross experience explained better in this article. 

A Comprehensive Review of the GasGas 85

As one of the best 85cc dirt bikes, Gas gas 85cc is a high-performing dirt bike and a great stepping stone for young riders just starting. How special is gas gas 85? 

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Find out in the comprehensive review that follows.

Pros and Cons of Gasgas 85


  • Suitable for young riders between 7 and 12
  • High performance enabled by a 2-stroke engine
  • It is durable and can withstand the rigors of offroad terrain 
  • Good handling and maneuverability due to its suspension components
  • Availability of trims of variations, allowing riders to choose an option that suits their preference and needs


  • Limited power range
  • Costly replacement parts and accessories
  • Limited terrain adaptability
  • Tasking maintenance and upkeep

Top Features of the MC 85


Gas gas 85cc has a lightweight frame that doesn’t deny the bike’s strength and rigidity. The frame syncs with the bike’s suspension to allow high-speed stability on terrains. Therefore, mc85 functions well, irrespective of jumps and track conditions. 

Generally, GasGas uses high-quality steel frames for their bikes. The design contributes to its handling, maneuverability, control, durability, and rider confidence. In addition, gas gas 85 has “no dirt” foot pegs. They prevent mud from building up on the bike when riding through deep ruts. While returning the foot pegs to their positions every time.

Cylinder and piston

Another feature of the 2023 gasgas 85 is the cylinder and piston. An innovative valve system holds the cylinder and controls the sub-exhaust port and the exhaust valve. This system helps to enhance torque, controllability, and power, reducing the need to use a clutch when on sandy or loamy terrains.  


The exhaust system of mc85 helps improve the performance and sound of the bike when in use. It was made in a 3-dimensional process that helps with the durability and quality, making it rev freely. In addition, it has an expansion chamber, header pipe, and muffler. These components enable exhaust gas flow, reduced noise levels, and optimized engine performance. 


Focus image of clutch of Gas gas 85 in dark yellow background

The 2023 gasgas 85 uses the updated clutch for gasgas bikes and is more reliable and robust. The Mc 85 clutch allows riders to keep the revs high and delivers a consistent biting point. Plus, the bike features a diaphragm spring clutch and steel pressure plate. Instead of the usual traditional coil springs.


Gas Gas 85 features a reliable braking performance. Its late braking feature allows riders to be late on brakes and still make the needed line. The 250 mm front brake and 220mm rear wave disks enable powerful braking. This gives riders complete confidence and contributing to safety.

Handlebar and grip

Gas gas 85cc handlebars and grips contribute to the rider’s comfort, control, and bike’s durability. You can easily adjust and operate the bike with its lightweight and strong tapered aluminum handlebar. 

The bikes come with ODI locks on grips. This includes vulcanized grips on the right side and a lock on grip on the left. While requiring no wire or glue for mounting. Overall, the handlebars and grips are designed to enhance control when riding while reducing fatigue.


One thing that speaks for gas gas dirt bikes is their performance, and the new GASGAS MC 85 19/16 (big wheel) and GASGAS MC 85 17/14 are no exceptions. 

Lightweight, compact, capable, and equipped with stellar parts, the new GASGAS models offer an emphasis on performance and fun for all kinds of riders.” 

Quoting Earl Davidson

The power, handling, braking, and several other features of the gas gas 85 bikes contribute to their high performance. The 85cc engine balances high-revving power and low-end torque on off-road terrains. While the bike’s suspension systems and chassis geometry ensure easy handling and stability.

Furthermore, the high-quality braking components of Mc85 allow for safe braking. Even when riding at high speed without posing a danger to the rider. The Gasgas 85 was built to absorb impacts on different terrains. While ensuring a smooth experience, safety, stability, and reducing fatigue.

The bike is designed to provide a comfortable riding position. It does through sufficient cushioning suitable for short and long rides on different terrains.

GasGas 85 Specs 

Engine and Transmission

Transmission 6-speed
ClutchWet, multi-disc, Formula hydraulics

Starter & Gas capacity

Key ignition Yes
Fuel capacity Approx. – 1.37 gal. (5.2 l)

Suspension and brakes

Suspension frontXACT 43 WP Upside-Down fork, Ø 43 mmTravel – 10.9 in. (278 mm)
Suspension rearWP XACT Monoshock with linkageTravel – 12 in. (305 mm)
Brakes front240 mm diameter disc
Brakes rear220 mm diameter disc
Tires front N/A
Tires rearN/A


Seat height 35 in. (890 mm)
Ground clearance 14.3 in. (362 mm)
WeightWithout fuel – 149.9 lb. (68 kg)
Overall length N/A
Overall width N/A
Overall height N/A

Price & Warranty

Warranty N/A
Extended warranty N/A

Rival Models to Consider

Yeah, gas gas 85 is a great motocross bike, and it features great specs that riders look out for in bikes, especially for young or new riders. Beyond that, Mc 85 bikes are safe, comfortable, and very beginner-friendly. However, as a parent it’s normal to weigh different options. It’s best to compare several dirt bikes to determine which option you deem suitable.

In that case, you should consider KTM 85 SX, TC85, Yamaha 85 dirt bike, Suzuki 85 dirt bike, or Beta 85 RR. All these models are popular among dirt bike riders except for Beta 85 RR, but that doesn’t make it less performing. These bikes are reputable for competitive performance, excellent handling and more.

Your choice of which model is more suitable will depend on your riding style, comfort, or specific features you’re looking out for. Therefore, take your time to compare and decide whether any of them is befitting or you’d rather go for the GASGAS MC 85 19/16 (big wheel) or GASGAS MC 85 17/14.


Isolated image of Gas gas 85 in pastel blue violet background

GasGas 85 provides a high level of convenience for riders. Its features altogether provide adequate comfort and convenience for people who use it. The lightweight design, powerful engine, and agile handling improve the riding style. In the process, it enables optimized off-road performance. In addition, the bike has a comfortable seat height of 35 in. (890 mm) that enable optimal control and maneuverability on terrains.

However, it’s not adjustable and requires aftermarket modifications to adjust to your choice. Gasgas 85 has improved ergonomics compared to previous models. The controls are placed strategically to ensure quick and easy operation and boost convenience. Lastly, it uses a keyed ignition system to provide security.


If you plan on getting a GasGas 85 bike, you should budget about $6,449. Maintaining your mc 85 bike is crucial if you want it to last long, which will cost some money. However, you should note that maintenance and replacement of parts may be pricey. Gasgas 85 has a resale value, but it depends on mileage, condition, model year, and other factors.


Gasgas 85 is a great bike, especially for young riders with some experience. It’s has a highly responsive 2-stroke engine, so it is not best suited for the novice riders. You can be sure of optimum riding experience on the race track as well as trails. Furthermore, it’s reliable, safe, and a good value for money. .


How much is a gas gas 85 or the mc85 cost? 

Gas gas 85 or the MC85 cost about $6,449.

How much does a gas gas 85 weigh? 

A gas gas 85 weighs 149.9 Ib (68 kg) without fuel. 

How tall is a gas gas 85? 

Gas Gas 85 has a seat height of 865 mm (34.1 inches), ground clearance of 336 mm (13.2 inches), and wheelbase of 1137 mm and (44.8 inches).

Is GASGAS as good as KTM? 

Yes, GASGAS is as good as KTM, as they possess similar features that enable functionality and comfort on off-road terrains.

Is GASGAS cheaper than KTM?

Yes, GASGAS is cheaper than KTM.