How Fast Does a 150cc Dirt Bike Go? [Top Speeds Revealed]

If you know your dirt bike, you know the cylinder capacity measures in cubic centimeters (cc). The higher the capacity, the higher the power output of the bike. It means a 150cc has more capacity to compress air that will produce more power than smaller bikes. This power though, may not rival that of the fastest dirt bike in the world. But, how fast does a 150cc dirt bike go?

Motocross riders

A 150cc dirt bike can go as fast as 55-60 mph. The 150cc max speed km/h is 88-97 km/h. Some dirt bikes may tap slightly above or below this range. This could be dependent on a few conditions.

How Fast Can a 150cc Dirt Bike Go?

A lot can influence a rider’s choice of a dirt bike. For riders in competitive racing, an important question to answer is, how fast does a dirt bike goes?

Motocross riders riding on their dirt bike

This speed is fast enough for the riders who often ride bikes in this category. It is not too fast to be overwhelming. Yet, one wonders if this is the best capacity of the 150cc dirt bikes.

Factors Affecting the Speed of a 150cc Dirt Bike

Yes, the speed of a 150cc dirt bike can be affected by several factors. Here are a few of these factors:

Engine power and torque

150cc dirt bikes can come as either 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine bikes. This means the way both engine types undergo their combustion process varies. The 2-stroke engine processes combustion in two stages. This is as opposed to the 4 stages of the 4-stroke engine. 

The outcome is a greater torque and power output from the 2-stroke engine. So, if your 150cc dirt bike has a 2-stroke engine, it will have more power and invariably more speed.

Riding skills of riders

Motocross rider jumping off his dirt bike

Of course, how a pro would handle a bike will differ from that of an amateur. A professional rider would have mastered techniques to get the best out of their bike. An amateur or beginner rider may be grappling with the basics and how to handle their bike. This difference in skill level will affect the speed of the bike.

Weight of the bike and rider

While on that race track, your competitor might not be what leaves you in the dust. Gravity could be. The weightier the rider, the less likely the bike is to jump-start to top speedÿ This applies to the weight of the bike as well.

Type of terrain and track

A paved track allows your bike to reach top speed faster. A rougher track with obstacles slows down a dirt bike.

The Average Speed Range of 150cc Dirt Bikes

Motocross rider jumping off his dirt bike in the trail

The 150cc dirt bike has a great power output. With such great power, the average speed is between 55-60 mph (88-97 km/h).

Comparison with Other Motorcycle Classes

150cc dirt bikes produce impressive speed but they are not popular among many riders. Some riders move from the 125cc dirt bikes to the 250cc bikes without riding a 150cc. Here’s an overview of these other motorcycle classes:

125cc Dirt Bikes

A great bike for young and adult beginner riders. Bikes in this class feature a lot in motocross races. They are known to be lightweight, reliable, and fast. But, how fast is a 125cc dirt bike? It can go as fast as 70-80 mph (113-129 km/h).

250cc Dirt Bikes

Man ridinig on his dort bike in the trail with trees

The 250cc dirt bikes, like the 150cc bikes, can come in 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines. This may impose some difficulty in ascertaining the answer to, ‘How fast is a 250cc dirt bike? But, many rider’s speed tests have pegged this figure to be around 70-78 mph (113-126 km/h). 

Top 150cc Dirt Bike Contenders

Like most dirt bikes in other classes, many brands produce a few bikes in this class. Brands produce 150cc dirt bikes in the enduro and motocross categories. These bikes and their features are shown in the comparison table below:

Comparison Table of the Top Dirt Bike Contenders in the 150cc Class

150 XC-W
TE 150
Engine and displacement150cc
Power and torque outputN/A30.8 HP
@ 9200 rpm
23.47 HP
@ 11,000 rpm
Weight 213.4 lbs
220 lbs
185 lbs
(83.9 g)
Dimensions (Length, width, and height)N/A88 in x
N/A x
48.4 in
72.1 in x
30.3 in x
44.6 in
Top speed and acceleration73 mph
(117 km/h)
60 mph
(97 km/h)
55 mph
(89 km/h)

Analysis of the Comparison Table

Both the KTM 150 XC-W and Husqvarna TE 150 have the same engine displacement. It suggests they both have similar performance characteristics. 

But surprisingly, the KTM 150 XC-W has a top speed of 73 mph which is over 10 mph more than the top speed of the Husqvarna. They are both enduro bikes though.

‘I felt strong and consistent on the bike the whole time’.

Heath Fisher – won an Australian Junior Motocross title in 2022 on a Husqvarna

When the three bikes are compared in weight and dimensions, the Honda CRF150R is the lightest. As a motocross bike that it is, this may give it an advantage. Its compactness may impact agility and handling.

Pros and Cons

KTM 150 XC-WLightweight
Great agility
Easy power range modulation
Soft suspension
Difficult to control
Husqvarna TE 150Handles well
Forgiving in rough terrain
Smooth power delivery
Suspension lacks plushness
Less traction control
Honda CRF 150RNavigates rough terrain easily
Harsh suspension
Difficult to start


When trying to determine how fast does a 150cc dirt bike go, a few factors must be considered. There are external factors like the rider’s skill and weight as well as the terrain where the bike is ridden. Internal factors such as the power of the bike and responsiveness can also contribute to the speed of a 150cc dirt bike.