SSR 110: A Low Cost Pit Bike for Off-Road Fun

When it comes to off-road escapades, many adrenaline junkies go for speed. There needs to be a balance between speed and bump absorption for an off-road bike to be perfect. This is where the SSR 110 comes in. But, is this Chinese bike reliable?

The SSR 110 pit bike comes in 3 variations. They are priced from $999- $1059, depending on the bike model preferred. This 4-stroke, off-road bike has a seat height of 28 inches (711mm). Although the SR110DX model has a seat height of 29 inches (737mm). At 6.2HP, this bike’s top speed is 45 mph (72 km/h).

There are many opinions on the durability and reliability of Chinese dirt bikes. The SSR 110 is not exempted from this scrutiny. Let’s explore the suitability of this bike for off-road riding in this article.

Pros and Cons of the SSR 110


  • Relatively affordable
  • Great beginner bike
  • Disc brakes
  • Has a kill switch
  • Comes with a Kickstarter


  • Stiff suspension
  • Low-quality carburetor
  • Unreliable gear shifting

Features of the SSR 110

Side view image of ssr 110 dirt bike in light colorful background

The technology and features of a bike can make or mar its performance. Like the CRF110 and TTR110, the SSR 110 has some features that impact its capabilities. These features include:

1. Top-notch Brakes

The SSR110 comes with a disc brake that provides sufficient stopping power. This is an advantage over some of the bikes from top brands that have drum brakes. 

It is no secret that disc brakes offer more efficient braking power than drum brakes. This elevates this bike, especially among the best 110cc dirt bike of Chinese brands.

2. A Potent Engine

There have been mixed reports on the potency of the SSR110 engine based on a few SSR 110 review. They are mostly a hit or miss. This is sometimes dependent on the weight put on the bike. 

For kid riders, it works just fine. But for an adult, the engine capacity is not reliable. Also, the chain adjusters are poorly designed. 

Given its kickstart and automatic shifting, the SSR 110 age range is 8-10 years old. The top mods this bike can receive is a carburetor replacement and a Pro Circuit exhaust with spark arrestor.


Sketch of young man riding his ssr 110 dirt bike in the trail

The SR110 specs base model are:

Engine and Transmission

Engine Characteristics107cc, air-cooled, 4-stroke; single-cylinder
Final DriveChain
Bore x Stroke2.06 inches x 1.95 inches (52.4mm x 49.5mm)
ClutchManual clutch
Fuel system16mm carburetor

Starter and Gas Capacity

StarterKick Starter
Tank Capacity0.8 gals (3.0 l)

Suspension, Brakes, and Tires

Suspension FrontHydraulic, Conventional
Suspension Rear265mm Monoshock
Brakes Front/DiameterDisc brake
Brakes Rear/DiameterDisc brake
Tires FrontSteel/ 2.75-12
Tires RearSteel/ 3.00-10


Weight of Bike122 lbs (55.3kg)
Seat Height28 inches (711mm)
L x W x H59 x 29 40 inches (1499 x 737 x 1016 mm)
Ground Clearance10 inches (254 mm)
Wheelbase42.5 inches (1080mm)

Price and Warranty

Warranty30 days (Parts only)
Extended WarrantyAvailable

Rival Brands to Consider

Motocross riders on competition, riding their bike in the trail

When considering rival brands to the SSR 110 dirt bike, the Yamaha TTR110, CRF110, and Kawasaki KLX110 are notable mentions. The TTR110 is lightweight and the cheapest of the top brands. 

But when stacked against the SSR110, the latter tops it in affordability. The Honda CRF110 has a better environmental effect due to its fuel injection system. The KLX 110 has the advantage of speed and durability even though it is the most expensive. 

But a high top speed is not necessary for off-road riding.

It’s not a marshmallow soft set up that you can’t hit stuff fast on or do jumps on.”

Zach Osborne

Another notable mention is the Taotao DB10.

Here’s a comparison table of how these options measure against one another:

SR 110CRF110 TTR 110KLX 110 
BrakeDisc brakeDrum brakeDrum brakeDrum brake
Top Speed45 mph
(72 km/h)
47 mph
(75 km/h)
49 mph
(78.8 km/h)
50 mph
(80.5 km/h)
Seat Height28 inches (711mm)25.9 in (658mm)26.4 inches (671mm)26.8 in (681mm)
Dry weight122 lbs (55.3kg)169 lbs (76.6kg)159 lbs (72.1kg)167.5 lbs (75.9kg) 
Electric/Kick starterNo/YesYes/NoYes/NoYes/No
Illustration of a young man riding on his ssr 110 dirt bike in the trail

Here’s a comparison table of the 3 SSR 110cc pit bike variations and the Taotao 110 pit bike, DB10

SR 110
SR110 DX
BrakeDiscDiscDiscDisc(Front) and Drum(Rear)
Top Speed45 mph
(72 km/h)
45 mph
(72 km/h)
45 mph
(72 km/h)
30 mph
(48.2 km/h)
Seat Height28 inches (711mm)28 inches (711mm)29 inches (737mm)26 inches (660mm)
Dry weight122 lbs (55.3kg)122 lbs (55.3kg)122 lbs (55.3kg)117 lbs (53.1kg)
Electric/Kick starterNo/YesNo/YesNo/YesYes/No

Resale Value and Maintenance

New Bike Price

A new SSR SR110 and SR110SEMI are priced at $999 whereas the SR110DX are priced at $1059.

Resale Value and Maintenance

The SSR110 has a poor resale value. Unless you make major mods, you may not recoup much of the cost price when you put up your SSR 110 for sale. This is partly due to the limited availability of SSR 110 parts and the general low demand for this bike. Maintenance requirements include checking the bolts, tires, chains, and sprockets regularly.


Young man riding on his ssr 110 dirt bike with trees on his side

At $999, the SSR 110 is a cheap option for off-road riding with decent features. But it faces concerns about durability and resale value. This is due to limited parts availability and low demand. But to ensure relative longevity, extra care and regular maintenance is necessary.

Common Question about SSR 110

What is the top speed of SSR 110cc?

The SSR 110 top speed is 45 mph (72 km/h).

How heavy is a SSR 110?

An SSR 110 weighs 122 lbs (55.3kg).

Is SSR a Chinese dirt bike?

Yes, SSR is a Chinese dirt bike brand.

How many gears does an SSR 110 have?

The SSR 110 has four gears – the neutral, first, second, and third gears. 

What is the seat height on a SSR 110?

An SSR 110 has a seat height of 28 inches (711mm).