Yamaha TTR 110 – Explore the Boundless Thrills

If you are an adventurer and want to explore the great outdoors, then the Yamaha TTR 110 might be the best bike for you. But before you hop on one, you’d benefit from learning more about the bike from this review.

The Yamaha TTR 110 is a trail bike that stands at a low seat height of 26.4 in (671mm). This makes it ideal for young riders or smaller adults. Its 4-stroke engine can generate enough power to give the bike a top speed of 49 mph (78.8 km/h). It has a starting price of $2,299.

Yamaha TTR 110 was released in 2008 as a replacement to the TTR 90. This meant an improvement in the chassis and body styling. Let’s dive more into how the features and specs of this bike impact performance and handling.

Pros and Cons of Yamaha TTR 110

Illustration of young man riding Yamaha TTR 110 in the trail


  • Easy handling for beginner riders
  • Electric & kick start
  • Good low-end and midrange torque
  • Easy maintenance requirements
  • Comes with an auto-clutch for easier control


  • Tends to overheat
  • Suspension is basic
  • Lack of manual clutch

Dirt Bike Features

Yamaha TTR 110 comes with some unique features.

They’re the only company that’s still invested in the off-road to the depth they have.” 

Randy Hawkins

These features include:

1. Powerful Engine 

Focus image of the engine of yamaha ttr 110 dirt bike in beige background

The Yamaha TTR 110 is equipped with a 110cc, 4-stroke engine. It delivers a smooth and reliable power output. This is perfect for both beginner and intermediate riders. This bike generates a significant amount of midrange torque. It makes its low speed easier to maintain.

But the suspension may not be ideal for riders seeking a more aggressive off-road experience. Its basic suspension is suitable for casual riding. But more advanced riders may find it lacking in performance.

2. User-Friendly Design

This bike is styled after the motocross bike. It is lightweight with a low seat height and electric start. This makes the TTR 110 beginner-friendly.

Performance-wise, the Yamaha TT-R110E offers several advantages for riders. Its easy handling makes it an ideal choice for beginner riders. The Yamaha TTR 110 age range is 8-12 years. The electric start adds convenience and eliminates the hassle of kick-starting. 

Additionally, the lack of a manual clutch can be a limitation. For riders who prefer more control over gear shifting, this can be a challenge. But for those transitioning from the TTR50, this is good if they are not ready to make the leap to the 125cc class.

In addition to these features, you may want to make some TTR 110 mods for your bike. This can include modifications to the suspension and exhaust. You may also want to look into the jetting and chain tension of your bike.


Engine and Transmission

Engine Characteristics110cc, air-cooled, 4-stroke; 2 valves
Transmission4-speed constant mesh
Final DriveChain
Bore x Stroke51.0mm x 54.0mm (2.00 in x 2.13 in.)
ClutchAutomatic clutch
Fuel systemMikuni VM16 carburetor

Starter and Gas Capacity

StarterElectric Starter
Tank Capacity3.8 l (1.0 gals)

Suspension, Brakes, and Tires

Suspension Front31mm Telescopic fork; 4.5 in travel
Suspension RearMonocross shock, 4.3 in travel
Brakes Front/DiameterDrum brake, 95mm (3.7 in)
Brakes Rear/DiameterDrum brake, 110mm (4.3 in)
Tires Front2.50-14-4PR
Tires Rear3.00-12-4PR


Weight of Bike159 lbs (72.1kg)
Seat Height26.4 inches ( 671mm)
Ground Clearance7.1 inches (180 mm)
Wheelbase42.5 inches (1080mm)
L X W X H61.6  in x 26.8 in x 36.2 in (1565mm x 681mm x 919 mm)

Price and Warranty

Warranty90 days (Limited Factory Warranty)

Rival Brands to Consider

The Yamaha TTR 110 faces competition from some of the best 110cc dirt bike brands in the market. Here are a few notable rival brands/models and how TTR 110 vs KLX 110 and TTR110 vs CRF110 stack up against each other:

1. Honda CRF110F

The Honda CRF110 features a 109cc, 4-stroke engine. It has an electric start with an auto-clutch. This trail bike has the advantage of a fuel injection system. It can go as fast as 49 mph (78.8 km/h). But it comes at a higher price tag (about $300 more based on their 2023 prices) than the Yamaha TTR 110. Maintenance is easy but the body is quite fragile.

2. Kawasaki KLX110

Another worthy rival is the KLX110. It is the cheaper of the 3 brands featured. It has an engine displacement of 112cc on a 2-valve, 4-stroke engine. While the TTR 110 can be finicky to start in cold weather, the KLX110 has no such challenge.

TTR 110KLX 110 CRF110 
Engine110cc, 4-stroke112cc, 4-stroke109cc, 4-stroke
BrakeDrum brakeDrum brakeDrum brake
Top Speed49 mph (78.8 km/h)50 mph (80.5 km/h)49 mph (78. 8 km/h)
Seat Height26.4 inches (671mm)26.8 in (681mm)25.9 in (658mm)
Dry weight159 lbs (72.1kg)167.5 lbs (75.9kg) 169 lbs (76.6kg)
Electric starterYesYesYes

Resale Value and Maintenance

Side view image of yamaha ttr 110 dirt bike in pink background

New Bike Price

The 2023 TTR 110 price is $2,299

Resale Value and Maintenance Expectations

The Yamaha TTR 110 holds a strong reputation for its favorable resale value. As a trail bike, it requires little maintenance. Only change the oil and air filters regularly. 

Also, the TTR 110 parts are readily available. The used Yamaha 110 dirt bike retains its value well. This is due to the longevity of these bikes and the reliability of the Yamaha brand.


Isolated image of yamaha ttr 110 dirt bike in blue green background

The Yamaha TTR 110 offers a thrilling and accessible off-road experience for adventurers. This trail bike is durable and can grind up a top speed of 49 mph (78.8 km/h). This speed is great for beginner riders. But the suspension can be challenging. 

The TTR compensates with easy handling and low maintenance requirements. Considering its features and performance, the competitive price of $2,299 is appealing. It’s even great that it holds its market value well. Based on this, the Yamaha TTR110 is a recommended buy.

Common Question about Yamaha TTR 110

How much does a TTR 110 cost?

A TTR 110 price is $2,299.

How fast will a Yamaha TTR 110 go?

The Yamaha TTR 110 top speed is 49 mph (78.8 km/h).

How tall should you be to ride a TTR 110?

You can ride a TTR 110 if you fall within the height range of 3’10” to 4’4”.

What is the seat height of a TTR110?

The TTR 110 seat height is 26.4 inches ( 671mm).

What is the weight limit for a TTR 110?

The weight limit for a TTR 110 is 132 lbs (approximately 60kg). This trail bike is ideal for riders who weigh 132 lbs or less.

Is the TTR 110 a 2 or 4 stroke?

The TTR 110 pit bike has a 4-stroke engine.