Suzuki JR 80: Fuel Your Child’s Passion for Adventure

Young riders outgrow their first bikes rather fast. If you have a young adventurer that craves the thrill of off-road riding then, it’s time to discover the Suzuki JR.

Sketch of boy riding on his suzuki jr 80 dirt bike

The Suzuki JR 80 has a seat height of 26.9 inches (685mm). It can maintain a top speed of 52 mph (83.7 km/h). This 2-stroke engine bike has an MSRP of $3,190. Riders aged 8-12 years old can ride this bike. As an off-road bike for young riders, it’s a great bike to start with.

Let’s learn more about the performance in this Suzuki JR 80 review.

Pros and Cons of the Suzuki JR 80

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  • Smooth power and dependability
  • Slim and sleek design 
  • Easy maintenance
  • Mild powerband
  • Lightweight chassis


  • Noisy engine
  • Stiff suspension

Features of Suzuki JR 80

As an off-road bike, the JR 80 has features that help make a smooth and safe riding experience. These features include:

Illustration of young Boy riding on his suzuki jr 80 dirt bike in the trail

1. User-friendly Transmission

The Suzuki JR.80 five-speed tranny runs with a user-friendly clutch system. This allows young riders to learn and master gear-shifting techniques. They also learn clutch control faster.

The suspension system is adjustable. So riders can fine-tune the settings for optimal handling. The suspension is sturdy enough to absorb shocks. But you can feel the bike bottoming out after a jump.

the bike will handle better when the engine’s not over taxing the suspension.”

Ryan Dungey – Serial Motocross Champion

2. Safety Features

The JR 80 incorporates safety features such as a throttle limiter. This allows parents or guardians to make the necessary adjustment. Like adjustments to speed and acceleration that matches the skill level of the rider.The JR 80 boasts a lightweight chassis. It makes for easy maneuverability. The relatively low seat height improves handling and control.

3. An Efficient Engine

The Suzuki JR 80 specs for the engine is a 79cc, 2-stroke, air-cooled engine. This delivers smooth power suitable for young riders transitioning from smaller bikes.


Suzuki JR 80 specifications are highlighted as follows:

Engine and Transmission

Engine Characteristics79cc, air-cooled, 2-stroke; oil-injection
Transmission5-speed, constant mesh
Bore x Stroke49.0mm x 42mm (1.93 in x 1.65 in.)
ClutchManual, multi-plate clutch
Fuel systemSingle carburetor MIKUNI VM20 

Starter and Gas Capacity

StarterKick Starter
Tank Capacity4.1 L (1.1 gals)

Suspension, Brakes, and Tires

Suspension FrontTelescopic, coil spring, oil damped
Suspension RearLink type, rear shock, adjustable spring preload
Brakes Front/DiameterDrum brake
Brakes Rear/DiameterDrum brake
Tires Front2.50-14 4PR, tube type
Tires Rear3.00-12 4PR, tube type


Weight of Bike143.3 lbs (65kg)
Seat Height26.9 inches (685mm)
Ground Clearance7.7 inches (195 mm)
Wheelbase41.3 inches (1050mm)
L X W X H60.6 in x 28.7 in x 36.0 in (1540mm x 730mm x 915mm)

Price and Warranty

Warranty6 Months

Rival Brands/Models

The Suzuki JR 80 is an off-road bike for young riders. Suzuki has a reputation for durable and reliable products. However, when compared to the adult bikes of other brands it loses out. Some of the brand models include:

  • Honda CRF80
  • Yamaha PW80
  • Kawasaki KX80

The Kawasaki KX80 was a motocross bike. But it was discontinued for the 85 Kawasaki MX bike in 2003. Likewise, KTM does not have a bike in the 80cc class. But they do have the 85 KTM motocross bike. Most of these bikes have been discontinued in favor of the 85cc bikes.

Comparison Table of Suzuki 85 vs Suzuki JR80

Suzuki 85Suzuki JR80
Engine84. 7cc, liquid-cooled, 2-stroke79cc, air-cooled, 2-stroke
BrakeDisc brakeDrum brake
Top Speed65 mph52 mph
Seat Height33.5 in (850mm)27 in (685mm)
Dry weight161 lbs (73kg)143 lbs (65kg)
Electric starterNoNo
Fuel Capacity5.0 L4.1L
WarrantyN/A6 Months

Resale Value and Maintenance

Boy rridng on his Suzuki JR80 dirt bike

There is significant market demand for both new and used Suzuki JR80 off-road bikes. Here’s what you need to know:

New Bike Price

A new Suzuki JR 80 price is $3,190.

Resale Value and Maintenance Expectations

For parents on a budget, purchasing a brand-new bike may not be feasible. Fortunately, there is the alternative of buying used bikes. 

The price of a pre-owned bike can vary depending on usage duration and the general condition of the bike. Suzuki is durable and has minimal maintenance requirements for their products. Thus, when you want to resell your bike, you can get good value for your investment.


While the JR80 is a great bike, it’s available only in Australia and New Zealand. As an off-road bike for young riders, this bike has safety features that allow adequate control. The Suzuki JR 80 top speed of 52 mph (83.7 km/h) is not over the roof. 

It is suitable for kids aged 8-12 years to master their dirt bike riding skills. Even though some impact can be felt due to the suspension quality, at a fair price of $3,190, the JR 80 is a recommended buy.


How fast can a Suzuki JR 80 go?

A Suzuki JR 80 can go as fast as 52 mph (83.7km/h). 

What age is a Suzuki JR80 for?

The Suzuki JR80 is suitable for kids aged 8-12 years old.

Is a JR80 a 2 stroke?

Yes, the JR80 has a 2-stroke engine

Does a JR80 have powerband? 

Yes, the 2-stroke engine of the JR80 has a powerband.